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CFP® Exam Education Study Tools

A students prepares for her July CFP exam with supplemental study tools.

Individual Study Tools

Our individual education study materials are designed to supplement your chosen education program. These additional textbooks will fill in any knowledge gaps to ensure you understand the curriculum inside and out.

This textbook, available in print or eBook version, covers the fundamentals of financial planning, offering an in-depth understanding of personal financial planning from a professional perspective.

This printed textbook is designed to help you gain proficiency in using and understanding a financial calculator. In addition to helping master the keystrokes for the financial calculator, it also can assist you with the underlying financial theory problems on the exam. Being familiar with these financial calculations is critical because mastering these problems is an important step to passing the exam.

All calculations are presented step-by-step, showing keystrokes and displays for four of the most popular financial calculators: the HP-17bII/HP-17bII+, HP-12c, HP-10bII/ HP-10bII+, and TI-BAII PLUS.

We recommend the HP-10bII/ HP-10bII+ calculators. Instructors use these calculators in live class sessions for education and review.

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Our education programs meet CFP Board requirements and are designed to fit your study style and budget.

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