Accelerate Your Path
to the CFP® Exam

Earn Your CFP® Certification on the Accelerated Path

If you hold a CLU®, ChFC®, CFA® designation, or are a licensed CPA, you are automatically eligible to apply to take the CFP® exam on the Accelerated Path (formerly Challenge Status), provided you complete the Financial Plan Development course. You may also be eligible if you have extensive experience in the industry.

Accelerated Path Study Package

We have the education and study materials you need to complete your preparation and sit for the exam. As an Accelerated Path Candidate, you'll receive: 

  • Course FP 517 Financial Plan Development for $799*
  • The option to audit previous education courses for $399.50 per course
  • Premium Review for $899($1,348 retail)

Learn more about the Accelerated Path Candidate offering below. To order your materials, contact a Designation Specialist at 877.599.2669.

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Previous education and licenses may fulfill CFP Board education requirements and allow you to apply for the exam through the Accelerated Path. Academic degrees and credentials that fulfill the education requirement* include:

  • Ph.D. in financial planning, finance, business administration, or economics
  • Licensed attorney
  • Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • CFP certification from the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) Affiliate located in your territory of residence outside the U.S. 

In the Financial Plan Development Course, you will receive instruction and review sample financial plans based on various case facts. Your final project will be to present your own financial plan.

Course Options

  • OnDemand Class with the EssentialPlus Package for $799.
    Begin your course anytime.

  • Alternative Capstone Program.
    The Alternative Capstone Program includes a unique Financial Plan Development course, offered in our OnDemand Class format.

How is the Alternative Capstone Program different from the standard Financial Plan Development course?
There are two main factors that distinguish these pathways from each other. 

  1. Contact Hours
    • Standard Capstone Course students must meet a minimum of 45 required contact hours. These hours would be met by viewing the OnDemand class sessions.
    • Alternative Program students can move directly to working on their final project—developing the Financial Plan. When the Financial Plan is successfully completed, they are considered to have successfully completed the program. Alternative Program students can still view the OnDemand classes at their leisure if they wish.
  2. Certificate of Eligibility
    • Students who enroll in the Alternative Program must have a Certificate of Eligibility from CFP Board stating their ability to enroll in the alternative program.

Learn more from CFP Board on the Alternative Capstone here.

To refresh your knowledge of the other six education courses, you can take any or all of them on an audit basis for half price as an Accelerated Path candidate. Strengthening areas of weakness could make all the difference!

Each audit course is just $399.50. Call a Designation Specialist at 877.599.2669 to order.

We want you to pass the exam—the first time—and we stand behind our Review Programs. Let our expert instructors refresh your knowledge of key financial planning topics and prepare you for what to expect on the exam.

Choose Onsite, Online, or OnDemand classes, or a complete self-study package.

Premium Review for Accelerated Path Candidates is just $899!* Contact a Designation Specialist at 877.599.2669 to enroll with this exclusive price. 

*To qualify for Challenge Candidate package pricing, students must call in and purchase both the Financial Plan Development Course & Premium Review at the same time. No additional discounts or corporate rates apply.

"Great focus on content mastery by Kaplan. First time taking the test as a Challenge Candidate, and Kaplan materials were interesting enough to make me want to learn the answers to the questions in the test banks. I passed and felt well prepared." 

-Jim C.