The Premium Package for CFP® Certification Education

The Premium Package includes absolutely everything you need to complete the required education and review for the CFP® certification examination.  

This 12-month, structured-pace program brings together our instructor-led, online education program and exam prep review into one convenient bundle:

  • Begin your live online classes in March 2021 and sit for the CFP® exam in March 2022.
  • You'll complete your education in 9 months, then prepare to pass with our exam prep review (3 months).
  • Pay-up-front or course-by-course based on your budget or company's reimbursement plan.
  • Most education coursework transfers toward a Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning.

Start live online classes in March 2021 and sit for the CFP® exam in March 2022. View the schedule of classes below.

At the end of our 7-course curriculum you'll earn a Master’s Certificate in Personal Financial Planning. Most coursework you complete as part of the CFP® certification education program can transfer towards a Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning in your future.

Premium Package Highlights:


Education Program

You'll get everything you need from an instructor-led, graduate-level, Live Online Class to a full set of integrated study tools to help you practice concepts and formulas. View class schedules below.

Exam Prep Review

The Premium Package includes our Premium Review, so you'll receive everything you need to review for the CFP® exam after you complete your education coursework.

Payment Options

Choose to pay upfront and receive a discount, or course-by-course to make reimbursement and budgeting easy.

Available Package Options:

Pay up front and save $442

(Choice of print books or eBooks)

Pay Course by Course

(Choice of print books or eBooks)

Your Premium Package Includes:

Education Program

The required education curriculum is presented in a series of Live Online Classes. Our expert faculty will guide you through formulas and concepts with a structured approach, allowing you to complete the education in just 9 months. These classes are meant to give you the “big picture” of concepts and formulas, so you can apply them to problems and scenarios throughout your coursework. Each class is recorded and archived, so you can go back and review key areas or catch up if you missed a class. 

Begin your classes in March 2021! View the schedule for live online classes below. Classes are held 8:00–10:00 pm ET. 

Education Course Materials and Study Tools
Learning Platform

Premium Review

Our industry-leading Premium Review package provides the best and most comprehensive way to prepare to pass the CFP® Certification exam, combining a Review Class with a full set of integrated study tools.

Review Classes
Review Materials and Study Tools
Learning Platform
Other Features

Course Descriptions:

Schedule for Live Online Classes:

All Live Online classes in the schedules below are held 8:00–10:00 pm ET.

All Live Online classes in the schedule below are held 8:00–10:00 pm ET.

Ship Date
Jan 27Mar 26May 12Jun 25Aug 11Sep 24Nov 12
Class 1Mar 2Apr 15Jun 1Jul 15Aug 31Oct 14Dec 2
Class 2Mar 4Apr 20Jun 3Jul 20Sep 2Oct 19Dec 7
Class 3Mar 9Apr 22Jun 8Jul 22Sep 7Oct 21Dec 9
Class 4Mar 11Apr 27Jun 10Jul 27Sep 9Oct 26 
Class 5Mar 16Apr 29Jun 15Jul 29Sep 14Oct 28 
Class 6Mar 18May 4Jun 17Aug 3Sep 16Nov 2 
Class 7Mar 23May 6Jun 22Aug 5Sep 21Nov 4 
Class 8Mar 25May 11Jun 24Aug 10Sep 23Nov 9 
Class 9Mar 30May 13Jun 29Aug 12Sep 28Nov 11 
Class 10Apr 1May 18Jul 1Aug 17Sep 30Nov 16 
Due Date
Apr 11, 2021May 28, 2021Jul 11, 2021Apr 27, 2021Oct 10, 2021Nov 29, 2021Dec 20, 2021
Exam Prep
Exam Preparation begins the first week of January 2022.  Make sure you are enrolled in a Live Review no later than Mid-December 2021.


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A set of Kaplan CFP Exam Prep Review Books for the March exam.

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