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The Premium Package for CFP® Certification Education

Wealthmanagement.com recently ranked the College for Financial Planning  #1 in its list of 15 Top-Ranked Instructor-Led Online Certificate Programs for the CFP® Exam.*

With our Premium Package, you have absolutely everything you need to complete the required education and review for the CFP® certification examination.  Enroll today and get started down your path to earning the CFP® mark.

This 12-month, structured-pace program brings together our instructor-led, online education program and exam prep review into one convenient bundle:

  • Begin your live online classes in March 2023 and sit for the CFP® exam in March 2024.
  • You'll complete your education in 9 months, then prepare to pass with our exam prep review (3 months).
  • Pay-up-front or course-by-course based on your budget or company's reimbursement plan.
  • Most education coursework transfers toward a Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning.

Start live online classes in March 2023 and sit for the CFP® exam in March 2024. View the schedule of classes below.

At the end of our 7-course curriculum you'll earn a Certificate in Personal Financial Planning. Most coursework you complete as part of the CFP® certification education program provides stackable credit towards a Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning in your future.

*Wealthmanagement.com, The 15 Top-Ranked Instructor-Led Online Certificate Programs for the CFP Exam, May 2021.


Save 10% As You Pursue Your CFP® Certification

Until December 14, save 10% on our CFP Board Registered program and education courses.* 

Premium Package Highlights:

Education Program

You'll get everything you need from an instructor-led, graduate-level, Live Online Class to a full set of integrated study tools to help you practice concepts and formulas. View class schedules below.

Exam Prep Review

The Premium Package includes our Premium Review, so you'll receive everything you need to review for the CFP® exam after you complete your education coursework.

Payment Options

Choose to pay upfront and receive a discount, or course-by-course to make reimbursement and budgeting easy.

Available Package Options:

Pay up front and save $442


Pay Course by Course


Important note about course by course packages: While your subtotal will reflect the total price for the package during checkout, your credit card will only be charged for the first course. (Each future course in the 7-course curriculum will be charged once you complete the course before it.)

Your Premium Package Includes:

Education Program

The required education curriculum is presented in a series of Live Online Classes. Our expert faculty will guide you through formulas and concepts with a structured approach, allowing you to complete the education in just 9 months. These classes are meant to give you the “big picture” of concepts and formulas, so you can apply them to problems and scenarios throughout your coursework. Each class is recorded and archived, so you can go back and review key areas or catch up if you missed a class. 

Begin your classes in March 2023! View the schedule for live online classes below. Classes are held 8:00–10:00 pm ET. 

Education Course Materials and Study Tools

Each financial planning course comes with a corresponding education program textbook. Complete your required education with these concise, clear, and comprehensive study notes and supplemental readings.

Your Premium Package will contain all eBook textbooks. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access materials through the VitalSource® platform. 

You will not receive a textbook or eBook for FP517 course because all materials are provided to you via your online classroom.


Through the combination of videos and digital workbook, students willl gain a thorough understanding of how to use the HP 10BII+ financial calculator as part of their studies.

To facilitate student learning with content in our curriculum, our video library contains topical videos that target topics that are commonly tested on the exam, topics many candidates find challenging and topics often asked about by students.

As you progress through each of the modules in your courses, your Activity Feed will prompt you to take Module Quizzes. These quizzes act as checkpoints in your education and mimic the difficulty and format of the actual CFP® exam. At the end of each course, a Practice Exam lets you apply your exam-taking techniques. 


A Performance Tracker in our learning platform will identify how well you understand the topics that have been covered and highlight weak areas where more review is needed. 

Practice what you have learned by taking focused QBank quizzes to master module concepts.

  • View answer explanations for every question
  • Access your QBank online, with available offline access
Learning Platform

The Activity Feed truly takes the guesswork out of creating a study plan! Depend on the Activity Feed to efficiently guide you through the content and study tools, giving you an effective, integrated study experience. You can even schedule days off, and your activities will adjust accordingly.

In addition to giving you a snapshot of how you're progressing against all study plan activities, Performance Tracker helps you understand which topic areas you're doing well in and which areas need some work so you can master all knowledge topics.

As you prepare for the exam, connect with a credentialed instructor to get your exam- and content-related questions answered.

Premium Review

Our industry-leading Premium Review package provides the best and most comprehensive way to prepare to pass the CFP® Certification exam, combining a Review Class with a full set of integrated study tools.

Review Classes

Choose between available Onsite, Live Online or OnDemand review classes based on your learning style. All review classes are led by the expert faculty of the College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company, who not only provide personalized guidance in class but also via email as you study.

Review Materials and Study Tools

Seven concise, yet comprehensive eBooks are the core of your review for the CFP® exam. Each eBook focuses on highly testable topics and provide examples and practice questions to align your test-taking skills with your application of testable concepts to real-world scenarios.

Through the combination of videos and digital workbook, students willl gain a thorough understanding of how to use the HP 10BII+ financial calculator as part of their studies.

How prepared are you for the CFP® exam? This 100-question Pre-Study Assessment at the beginning of your study plan helps you gauge your overall readiness. It identifies your strong areas and those you find challenging, enabling you to focus accordingly right from the start

For topics that require a deeper review for you to master, our videos will help you get there. Choose the videos you need to be fully prepared on exam day.

Videos include  our popular High 5 series, one of our students' favorite review tools! Expert instructors focus specifically on highly testable content that you should pay extra attention to and ways to approach it on the exam.

Other helpful videos cover topics such as as tried-and-true study tips, how to de-stress and stay calm on exam day, and interpreting your exam results.

A favorite study tool among students, this podcast series of downloadable audio files focus on useful tips on how to set yourself up to pass the CFP®  exam.

As part of each review topic, you'll have a "Summary of Commonly Tested Topics” PDF in your online materials and study tools. This information will help you focus on the most highly testable and challenging topics to understand. 



Throughout your review, a robust QBank of approximately 2,500 exam-like questions tests your knowledge and ability to apply it to real-world scenarios. To further focus your practice efforts, you can filter the QBank by subject area  or create custom quizzes and even download them for on-the-go review.

A full online Mock Exam simulates the 6-hour exam day to give you an experience similar to taking the actual national CFP® exam. Each session of the Mock Exam includes questions in a format similar to the actual exam, including stand-alone questions and sets of questions with associated short scenarios and longer case studies. Before you attempt the Mock Exam, you'll have access to an instructional video that gives you tips on how to approach the exam.

After completing the Mock Exam, you'll see question rationales to help you gain a stronger understanding of topics.

Learning Platform

The Activity Feed—a cutting edge study tool unique to our program—takes the guesswork out of creating a study plan. It provides personalized guidance on what to complete each week throughout your 10-week exam prep, ensuring an integrated and efficient study path to exam day. Your Activity Feed dynamically adjusts to both your progress and any scheduled days off, so you’ll always know what you need to do to stay on pace.

In addition to giving you a snapshot of how you're progressing against all study plan activities, Performance Tracker helps you understand which topic areas you're doing well in and which areas need some work so you can master all knowledge topics.

Email expert faculty of College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company right from your learning platform as you study. Get all your exam-related questions answered from someone who knows what it takes to pass.

Other Features

We're so confident that our program will lead you to CFP® exam success on your first attempt, we guarantee it at no extra cost. If you do not pass the CFP® exam after taking a Premium Exam Prep Review class, you'll receive a completely free Premium Review package within a one-year time frame (three exam cycles).

Course Descriptions:

This course examines basic financial planning concepts for developing client relationships; gathering, analyzing and evaluating financial documents, statements and other information; developing and communicating relevant recommendations to clients; implementing recommendations through the use of a financial planning team; and monitoring the financial plan on a periodic basis, all within CFP Board professional and regulatory standards. Students will develop a pragmatic perspective of the field of financial planning as they learn to analyze personal financial statements, understand time value of money concepts, explore education funding techniques, advise clients regarding the management of debt, apply behavioral finance concepts, gain an understanding of federal and state regulatory requirements, learn the ethical environment of financial planning and integrate the legal and economic aspects of financial planning within a practice.

This course explores fundamental insurance, annuity, and employee benefit concepts and products. Students will gain knowledge of the principles of risk and insurance; learn how to analyze and evaluate risk exposures; and understand the concepts of personal and business insurance for life, health, disability, long-term care and property insurance. Students will also develop perspectives regarding the integration of social insurance (e.g. Medicare, workers compensation)within the framework of financial planning. Equity-based compensation, nonqualified deferred compensation and other employee benefits will also be presented and discussed.

This course examines the characteristics, uses and taxation of investment vehicles: stocks, bonds, cash and cash equivalents, promissory notes, guaranteed investment contracts, real estate, and alternative investments. Students will also develop an understanding of the various types of risk: systematic and unsystematic, purchasing power, interest rate, business, and financial risk. Students are introduced to quantitative investment concepts, measures of investment returns, bond and stock valuation concepts, investment theory, portfolio development and analysis, investment strategies, asset allocation, and asset pricing models.

This course focuses on income tax fundamentals and calculations, tax accounting, characteristics and income taxation of business entities, basis, depreciation and cost recovery concepts. The impact of the alternative minimum tax (AMT), passive activity, at-risk rules, charitable contributions and charitable deductions on a client’s financial plan is also studied. Students will gain an understanding of the tax consequences of like-kind exchanges and the disposition of property, and will learn how the loss of a spouse through death or divorce affects a client’s tax status.

Students will be exposed to retirement needs analyses, types and characteristics of retirement plans, qualified plan rules and options, and provisions of tax-advantaged plans. The effects of ERISA on retirement plans is examined and the impact of Social Security on a client’s retirement plan is also discussed. Students will gain an understanding of plan distribution options, rules, alternatives and taxation, and will also explore key factors affecting plan selection for businesses and investment considerations for retirement plans.

This course analyzes the various techniques and strategies used in developing estate plans based on client criteria and needs. Property titling, property transfer at death, gifting strategies, and sources of estate liquidity are discussed. Students will also gain insight on wills, probate, and the types, uses and taxation of trusts during estate planning.

Students participate in a case analysis and evaluation in which the following major areas of financial planning are integrated:

  • General Financial Planning Principles, Professional Conduct, and Regulation
  • Risk Management, Insurance, and Employee Benefits Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Savings and Income Planning
  • Estate Planning

Schedule for Live Online Classes:

All Live Online classes in the schedules below are held 8:00–10:00 pm ET.

General Financial Planning Principles, Professional Conduct and Regulation (March 2 - April 4, 2023) (Eastern)
March 2 - April 4, 2023
Instructor TBD
Risk Management, Insurance and Employee Benefits (April 18 - May 18, 2023) (Eastern)
April 18 - May 18, 2023
Instructor TBD
Investment Planning (June 1 - July 6, 2023) (Eastern)
June 1 - July 6, 2023
Instructor TBD
Tax Planning (July 20 - August 22, 2023) (Eastern)
July 20 - August 22, 2023
Instructor TBD
Retirement Savings and Income Planning (September 5 - October 5, 2023) (Eastern)
September 5 - October 5, 2023
Instructor TBD
Estate Planning (October 19 - November 21, 2023) (Eastern)
October 19 - November 21, 2023
Instructor TBD

All Live Online classes in the schedule below are held 8:00–10:00 pm ET.

Course Access
(Approximate Date)
Jan 26, 2023Mar 29, 2023May 12, 2023Jun 30, 2023Aug 16, 2023Sep 29, 2023Nov 15, 2023
Class 1Mar 2Apr 18Jun 1Jul 20Sep 5Oct 19Dec 5
Class 2Mar 7Apr 20Jun 6Jul 25Sep 7Oct 24Dec 7
Class 3Mar 9Apr 25Jun 8Jul 27Sep 12Oct 26Dec 12
Class 4Mar 14Apr 27Jun 13Aug 1Sep 14Oct 31 
Class 5Mar 16May 2Jun 15Aug 3Sep 19Nov 2 
Class 6Mar 21May 4Jun 20Aug 8Sep 21Nov 7 
Class 7Mar 23May 9Jun 22Aug 10Sep 26Nov 9 
Class 8Mar 28May 11Jun 27Aug 15Sep 28Nov 14 
Class 9Mar 30May 16Jun 29Aug 17Oct 3Nov 16 
Class 10Apr 4May 18Jul 6Aug 22Oct 5Nov 21 
Due Date
Apr 14, 2023May 28, 2023Jul 16, 2023Sep 1, 2023Oct 15, 2023Dec 1, 2023Dec 22, 2023
Exam Prep

 Exam Preparation begins early January 2024. 

Make sure you are enrolled in a Live Review no later than mid-December 2023.


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