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University Offerings

Kaplan offers comprehensive educational programs for students and university partners to help finance students set themselves apart from other job candidates and work toward a successful career.

Student Materials

Kaplan's experience with training corporate employees in the financial industry gives university students direct access to exam preparation materials that will help them prepare for a successful career. Whether students are seeking graduate programs, advanced designations, certifications, licenses, or simply looking for information on a career, Kaplan has the resources and experience to help them take the first step.

University Partnerships

Whether you are looking for a CFP® Board-approved education program, an exam review class or further insight into the licensing industry, Kaplan can help you develop a successful program for your classroom. By combining our proven study materials, innovative technology, and educational resources with your teaching expertise, we can design a curriculum that fits your needs, as well as the needs of your students.

"Kaplan prepared me well for my principal exam. I passed with flying colors in less time than I anticipated. Overall, great experience!"

- Sylvia C.