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The EssentialPlus Package for CFP® Exam Education

The EssentialPlus Package for CFP exam education.

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The EssentialPlus Package: OnDemand Classes for CFP® Certification

Complete the required education on your own schedule and still learn from a qualified instructor with the EssentialPlus Package. No need to adhere to a live class schedule—with our OnDemand Class you can start, stop, and rewind your class as often as you like. Get expert instruction...and still have the freedom to complete all 7 courses within your own timeframe. 

You'll also receive the freedom of:

Customized Schedule

Purchase one course at a time to take only the courses you need and choose when to start studying. Take up to 90 days to complete each course.

Flexible Payments

Pay course-by-course or bundle with a review and pay up-front based on your reimbursement and budget needs.

Online Testing

All tests and quizzes are taken directly in your Learning Management System, with no proctors or hidden testing fees. 

Your Courses Include:

Study on your own time with our OnDemand Class! Stop, start, and rewind as often as you need with over 22 hours of pre-recorded, instructor-led lectures. Just like in a traditional classroom, our expert instructors guide you through difficult concepts, theories, and techniques necessary to master the curriculum.

Each course comes with a corresponding education program textbook. Navigate the curriculum with these concise, clear, and comprehensive study notes and supplemental readings. Select your choice of print or eBook in the cart.

This innovative tool takes the guesswork out of creating a prep plan! Start with our detailed study plan that covers every piece of the curriculum and shows you how to use your study materials in the most effective way possible.

Practice what you've learned in your readings with the QBank. Focus your attention where you need it the most and review critical concepts. The QBank allows you to: 

  • Create custom exams and quizzes utilizing hundreds of multiple-choice questions
  • View answer explanations and rationales for every question
  • Access quizzes online or offline

Included with our QBank, the Performance Tracker allows you to track your progress and compare your exam results to other education students. You can also use the performance to track your quiz scores.

You'll be able to refer to these videos throughout your study program to review the core concepts of the CFP® exam curriculum.

Connect with a credentialed instructor via InstructorLink to get your exam- and content-related questions answered.

CFP® Certification Details

Review the requirements and examination process for CFP® certification. 

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Learn more about the CFP® certification process and our available programs with a variety of free samples, webinars, and blog articles.