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Pass Guarantee for the CFP® Exam

PassProtection: Our guarantee that you will pass—the first time.

College for Financial Planning and Kaplan share over 80 years of experience in the test prep industry. We’re so confident that our program will lead you to CFP® exam success on your first attempt, we guarantee it at no extra cost.


Simply enroll in a Premium Exam Prep Review class and sit for the exam, and you qualify for PassProtection™*.

  • With PassProtection™, if you do not pass the CFP® exam after taking a Premium Exam Prep Review class, you will receive a completely free Premium Review package within a one-year time frame (three exam cycles).
  • The best part? Our PassProtection™ is no strings attached—no minimum quiz scores are required to qualify! 

To learn more and enroll with your PassProtection™ discount please call 866.963.8329. 

*To be eligible, you must submit your Official Score Report to fpexamresults@kaplan.com within three weeks of receiving it from the CFP Board. All exam results will remain confidential.