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Pass Guarantee for the CFP® Exam

PassProtection: Our guarantee that you will pass—the first time.

PassProtection™ for the CFP® Exam is designed to help you succeed on exam day! Simply enroll in a Live Review Class and sit for the exam, and you qualify for PassProtection™*.

With PassProtection™, if you do not pass the CFP® exam after taking a Live Review Class, you will receive a completely free Live Review Class review package within a one-year time frame (three exam cycles). The best part? Our PassProtection™ is no strings attached—no minimum quiz scores are required to qualify! 

We want you to pass the CFP® exam, and we believe our PassProtection™ will give you the confidence to do just that.


To learn more and enroll with your PassProtection™ discount please call 866.963.8329. 

*To be eligible, you must submit your Official Score Report to fpexamresults@kaplan.com within three weeks of receiving it from the CFP Board. All exam results will remain confidential.