Exam Prep Review for the March 2020 CFP® Exam

Our CFP® Exam Prep Review Packages provide a variety of different study options and tools to help you successfully prepare, practice, and perform on exam day. Sit for the March CFP® exam with the confidence that comes from being thoroughly prepared.

Ensure you have met or will soon meet CFP® certification education requirements before purchasing. To verify, please visit our requirements page.

Premium Review Package

Review Class Packages for the CFP® Exam

Your Premium Review package comes with everything you need to effectively prepare for the CFP® exam. From a review class and Pre-Study Assessment to a robust QBank, exam strategy videos, and more, you have all of the necessary tools and assets to walk into your exam with confidence. 


Your Premium Review Package Includes:

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Premium OnDemand Review Package
OnDemand Review Class
Premium Live Online Review Package
Live Online Review Class
Premium Live Review Package
Onsite Review Class

Essential Review Package

Our Essential Review Package is a great choice for the self-motivated candidate who prefers an independent approach to studying for the CFP® exam. It contains everything you need to review for the exam at your pace, including a 10-Week Study Planner to ensure you are staying on track in your prep plan and mastering the curriculum. 


Your Essential Review Package Includes:

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EssentialPlus Live & OnDemand Package (NY - Life & Health)
Essential Self Study Online Package (NY - Life & Health)
Montana Life and Health Insurance Law Supplement, Effective October 30, 2018
Montana Property and Casualty Insurance Law Supplement, Effective October 30, 2018
Commercial Crime Coverage, 6th Edition, Revised (Print Book)
Insurance GA Variable Lines 30-Day Extension
Insurance Adjuster 30-Day Extension
Insurance Property & Casualty, Property Only, and Casualty Only 30-Day Extension 
Insurance Personal Lines 30-Day Extension
Insurance NC Medicare 30-Day Extension
Insurance Life & Health, Life Only, and Health Only 30-Day Extension
CRPC Professional Designation Program
Florida 5-Hour Law and Ethics Update: Life and Annuity, 5th Edition
Video and Audio Review (Personal Lines)
Video and Audio Review (Property & Casualty)
Video and Audio Review (Life Only)
Video and Audio Review (Health Only)
Video and Audio Review (Life & Health)
Essential Self-Study Online Package (MN - Personal Lines)
Online Course—Online Study Tools & Review Exams
Basic Self-Study Package (MN - Personal Lines)
Online Course—Online Study Tools & Review Exams

Individual Review Books

Print or eBook

Starting at $69

These 7 comprehensive study books are the core of your review study plan and can be ordered individually as physical print books or eBooks.

Supplemental Tools

Mock Exam & Calculator Book

Starting at $49

Choose the Online Mock Exam or Understanding Your Financial Calculator textbook to supplement your review program.

Review Class Schedules

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