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March 2022 CFP® Exam Prep Supplemental Tools

Choose between our Online Mock Exam and our Understanding Your Financial Calculator Book to help you pass the CFP® exam.

Similar to the actual exam, this online exam is divided into 2 sections, each containing multiple-choice questions, item sets, and a comprehensive case. The Mock Exam can serve as a diagnostic tool useful in identifying a student's areas of strength and weakness, and can help students focus on topics that they find more difficult.

Note: The Online Mock Exam is included with the purchase of a Premium Review.

This printed textbook is designed to help the student gain proficiency in using and understanding a financial calculator. In addition to helping master the keystrokes for the financial calculator, it also can assist students with the underlying financial theory problems on the exam. Being familiar with these financial calculations is critical because mastering these problems is an important step to passing the exam.

All calculations are presented step-by-step, showing keystrokes and displays for four of the most popular financial calculators: the HP-17bII/HP-17bII+, HP-12c, HP-10bII/ HP-10bII+, and TI-BAII PLUS.

Kaplan recommends the HP-10bII/ HP-10bII+ calculators. Instructors use these calculators in live class sessions for education and review.

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