Corporate Solutions for Your Organization

As the only financial education provider with stackable credentials across ten accredited professional designations, CFP® certification and a Masters degree in Personal Financial Planning, College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company tailors continual learning journeys for your workforce which empower advisors for their current career stages while earning credit toward their next credential.

The result is the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep your advisors continually learning, growing their client bases, and producing tangible results for your organization. After obtaining their most recent credential through our programs, 72% of advisors report an increase in clients and an average increase in earnings of 25%.* 

Partner with us to tailor a learning journey from our established education programs that are straightforward to implement, enroll in and navigate so they start working for your business. From career entry to advanced career programs, our education programs span from financial planning, asset management, wealth management and retirement planning to sustainable, responsible impact investing (SRI) and behavioral finance, to help empower your workforce with the knowledge they need to succeed for your organization.

The Preferred Choice To Advance Careers

Learn what makes the College for Financial Planning®a Kaplan Company stand out among a financial firm's workforce when their employees have a choice among education programs that can help advance their careers in financial services. 

Career Entry Designations

Professional designations that help your employees begin their financial planning careers with confidence. 

Early Career Designations

Professional designations that help your employees build a foundation of credibility and expertise in the financial planning industry.

Mid-Career Designations

Professional designations that help your employees solidify their financial planning expertise and stay sharp in an ever-changing industry.

Advanced Career Designations and Programs

Advanced education programs that take financial planning careers to the next level.

Corporate solutions for wealth management feature:


State-of-the-Art Learning Management System

Innovative Reporting Tools

Private Class Opportunities

*College for Financial Planning, a Kaplan Company, Survey of Trends in the Financial Planning Industry, 2020. 

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