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Why Choose Kaplan for Your Insurance Licensing Test Prep?

Why choose Kaplan? Our customers will tell you.

Your success matters at Kaplan Financial Education. Our past students say it best when it comes to why you should use Kaplan to help you pass your Insurance Licensing exam. Listed below are some of the top characteristics our students look for when choosing an exam prep provider. Open each category to see comments from real students related to their experience with us.

"Kaplan classes and prep material set me up for success. Easy to follow, easy to use. I passed my life, accident and health exam with no problem. Thank you!"  – C. Gambrel, IL

"Kaplan did a great job at preparing me for my life insurance exam. The material was well written and easy to understand for someone just getting into the field. Worth every penny." – P. Wilson, NY

"I was exceptionally pleased with my Kaplan experience. The instructors brought a wealth of information to the classroom through their own experience in the field and worked well together to ensure that our educational goals were met. The material was current and concisely presented. Classroom discussions were lively and crucial, in my mind, to truly understanding the inner workings of the field. I would, and will go back again for future licensing needs!" – J. Zimmerley, MN

"The material is easy to use. It is very close to what the real test was like which made it easy to pass the test. Just an all-around good study choice!" – S. French, PA

"Kaplan did an extraordinary job of preparing me for my insurance license exam. The great online resources combined with online exam practice and written materials were clear, easy-to-use, but complete. I had a very high degree of confidence taking my exam, which I passed on the first try. Thank you Kaplan!" – T. Kilzer, CO

"Having the video library at hand was a great tool. It was like having an instructor at home with me to help me whenever I needed it. Their added examples and explanations helped me to understand the chapters moreso than by reading them. They helped to bring a little life into some otherwise dry topics. The quick sheet was perfect for a last minute cram/review the day of the test, it contained enough of each topic to stick in your mind." –E. Bernazzani, MA

"I used Kaplan to prepare for life, health, property and casualty exams. I found all four of these courses to be an exceptionally great experience. The material was spot on and my instructors were excellent. You can contact them any time by phone or email which was a great thing knowing you not only have support, but you have support anytime you need it. The online resources were phenomenal!!! The Qbank system is a go to on your study needs and with the combination of all of the resources, it is a sure passing experience. Thank you Kaplan for supplying such resources." – D. Haney, TN

"Our instructor had a 100% pass rate amongst the 15 member class I was in." – J. Knight, TX

"Before I came to Kaplan I had failed my Life Insurance Exam 12 times. After going through a week of class and scheduling my exam I passed. One of the best days of my life, thanks Kaplan!" – D. Guss, MI

"I was in the banking business for 19 years and knew nothing about insurance. With Kaplan's help, great instructors, and online practice testing capabilities, I passed four state tests in 2 1/2 months. I would strongly recommend Kaplan to anyone who asks where to go for insurance license training." – S. Ahles, WI

"On test day you could easily tell who used Kaplan to prepare and who tried to go it alone. We 'Kaplanites' finished the exam well under the allotted time and passed with high scores. Post-exam, I met a few people who had just taken the test for the 5th or 6th time, and had failed yet again. If they had just seen the value that Kaplan offers and taken the preparatory course, they would have been licensed after their first try!" – R. Masterson, CA

"I was very pleased with the level of professionalism of the instructors . They knew the topics extremely well and were very approachable during and after class." – S. Arthofer, WI

"My in-class Kaplan instructor was so knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He gave multiple examples, and answered all my questions to completion. It was a great learning experience." – N. Miller, TX

"The quality and knowledgeable instructors are second to none. I felt very prepared and confident about my exams after completing the prelicensing courses offered by Kaplan." – J. Acker, TX

"I was able to pass my test with ease thanks to Brian, my instructor . He kept the class on task and focused on test preparation. The materials were comprehensive and easy to understand but the credit for my success goes to Brian." – M. Castelluzzo, MI

"I enjoyed the ability to work at my own pace. Kaplan made it easy as a mother of four to study and pass my license exam on the first try." – K. Donihee

"Kaplan made it so easy to succeed in receiving my insurance license. Their hours and class dates were very compatible with my work schedule." – A. Berman, TN

"The study materials are thorough and the variety of study mediums of online, electronic and hard copy provide very convenient opportunities to learn and study." –C. Schilz, WI

"I was in a tight spot when I found Kaplan - working a full-time job plus a part-time job and needing my license as quick as possible without losing time at work. Kaplan was highly flexible and professional, and their breadth of quality materials fit the bill perfectly. I passed on my first try every time I needed them." – A. Frey, MI

"Kaplan provided me with scheduling and location options that worked well with my schedule and was the type of education entity that instilled confidence in believing that they really wanted me to learn the subject, and not just prep for a test." – C. Hicks, CA

"I chose Kaplan due to reputation and they did not disappoint! The online classes are designed to make you feel like you are in the classroom. The instructors are knowledgeable and kept me interested. The learning materials are up to date, easy to understand and made passing my test easy! Thanks so much!!" – K. Thompson, TX

"I was a little daunted to discover all that I would be learning in a short amount of time, but the instructor was very knowledgeable and had a great strategy plan. His personal stories helped me apply and remember concepts. The additional study materials were extremely helpful to me in the few days of studying preparing for the exam." –M Brooks, TN

"I'd heard so many horror stories about licensing preparation companies. By employing the study guide, create exam, exam history review, I was able to practice enough that I was able to pass the exam first time around. Even the administrator at exam site was impressed at the short time I used to take the exam and high score I received. I highly recommend Kaplan Financial Education and their study model." –S. Griffin, NV

"By simply following the program, I was able to quickly and easily prepare for my insurance test. I passed my two tests easily, with a 90% combined average. Simply put: It works." – M. Brenner, OH

"Kaplan Financial Education was one of the best educational experiences I have encountered. Very valuable. It was quick and easy and I would recommend to all!" – K. Palmer, TX

"I love Kaplan's customer service! Every time I called I was encouraged and was given positive feed back. I felt as if everyone at Kaplan were my personal cheerleaders! Thank you Kaplan for your support. Everyone in customer service deserves a raise! A special thanks to Stephanie, Angie and Ann in customer service, just to name a few, you guys are simply the very best of the best! Thank you again for all you do!"  -- S. Townzen, OR

"My instructor was very thorough and professional. Customer service was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. The campus was not too far, and the material was great. The actual exam mirrored the classroom slide notes. I was a little nervous at first because some items in the actual book were not discussed in class but was also not on the exam." – V. Caldwell, TX

"I registered with a competitor and had trouble navigating through their online program, found the teacher annoying and didn't feel prepared. Then, I registered with Kaplan and it was like night and day. They have phenomenal online materials and the customer service is world class." – E. Turetsky, FL