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New York Insurance Licensing State Requirements

On this page, you will find all of the state-specific information for Insurance Licensing in the state of New York. This information pertains to resident license applicants. For additional information for resident licensing, or for non-resident license information, please refer to the New York State Insurance Department website at Information is subject to change, and we will do our very best to make the process of completing your licensing education requirements as simple as possible.

New York State Department of Financial Services

Insurance Division
One Commerce Plaza,  Suite 2003,  Albany, New York 12257
Phone: 518-474-6630
Fax:  518-474-5048


COVID-19 Update:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NY Department of Financial Services - Insurance Division has temporarily waived the state-approved proctor requirement. End of pre-licensing course exams will now include security/bio data questions that prompt before the student begins the exam and after the student completes the exam. Student access to the course content once the exam is in progress is blocked, and students will be locked out of the exam after 20 minutes of account inactivity. The student will also be required to self-affirm, by checking a box online in the course, that they completed the exam without any outside assistance.

Prelicensing Education Hour Requirements

  • Life, Accident & Health - 40 Hours (for live class approvals, minimum of 20 classroom hours required).

  • Life (only) - 20 Hours (for live class approvals, minimum of 10 classroom hours required).

  • Accident & Health (only) - 20 Hours (for live class approvals, minimum of 10 classroom hours required).

  • Property & Casualty - 96 Hours (for live class approvals, minimum of 90 classroom hours required).

  • Personal Lines - 43 Hours (for live class approvals, minimum of 40 classroom hours required).

Exam Provider: PSI

  • To obtain a Licensing Information Bulletin, go to the PSI website by clicking here.

  • To schedule an exam, contact PSI by clicking here or call 877-392-6422.

Application Submission

  • Candidates must wait a minimum of 24 hours before submitting an application after passing the state exam.  Must submit a copy of the prelicense certificate with application.

Acceptable Methods of Education

  • Classroom
  • Online  (Note: New York has approved Kaplan's Life Only and Accident & Health Only Online Courses.)

Live Class Requirements

  • Pre-Class Study (must be completed prior to attending the live class): 10 hours (Life only 20 hour class and Health only 20 hour class), 20 hours (Life & Health 40 hour class)
  • In-Class Exam: In New York, an in-class graded exam is given in the Life & Health class to test your readiness for the state exam. The test must be passed with a 70% or greater in order to receive a certificate of completion.  You must pass the final exam in 1 sitting in a 90-minute time limit.

Online Course Requirements

  • Forced Progression:  This requires the user to successfully complete each page of the online course before being allowed to proceed to the next. 
  • Exam and Monitor:  For online course students – You are required to make an appointment with an approved monitor before completing the online certification exam.  A fee may be charged for this service.  IMPORTANT: Per New York regulations, the course Certification Exam may ONLY be opened in the presence of a New York State approved Monitor. A list of approved monitors can be found on the New York Department of Financial Services’ website: The Certification Exam is a timed exam, and requires a minimum score of 70% to pass. 

Certificate of Completion Requirements

  • To be issued a School Certificate, candidates must comply with all prelicensing course attendance requirements and pass the final course exam (minimum score of 70% required).
  • Candidates must permanently retain the certificate, but it is not needed at exam.
  • When submitting a license application, applicant must present evidence that they possess a school certificate.
  • Certificates are good for a lifetime.

Exam and/or Prelicensing Education Exemptions

Candidates with the following designations or certifications are exempt from prelicensing education requirements and Part 1 of the exam. In order to be licensed: 

  • CLU® designees need only take the Life & Health Laws and Regulations exam.
  • CPCU® designees need only take the Property & Casualty Laws and Regulations exam.

This information is based on state laws and regulations and is subject to change. Kaplan Financial Education makes every effort to make sure this information is current and accurate, however, Kaplan Financial Education is not engaged in rendering legal or professional advice and shall not be held responsible for inaccuracies contained herein.

Select a Line of Authority and Start Earning Your License Today:

Life & Health

This license qualifies you to explain, sell, and write life and health insurance products in New York.

Property & Casualty

This license qualifies you to sell products designed to protect from financial issues as a result of damage or injury in New York.

Personal Lines

This license qualifies you to sell a variety of insurance plans directly to consumers in New York.