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Why Pursue the CFP® Certification

Why Pursue the CFP® Certification

Advance your career with Kaplan's CFP® Exam Program

Invest in Your Success with the CFP® Mark

Whether you are new to the financial industry, or are an experienced financial planner, chances are you know about the prestigious CFP® certification. With many Baby Boomers heading toward retirement, the need for personal financial planners is growing every day. Recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning, earning the CFP® mark will give you tremendous opportunities in your financial career.

Improve your daily practice:

  • Gain additional education and knowledge of all aspects of your customers’ financial planning needs.
  • 70% of CFP® professionals say their CFP® certification contributes directly to their success.1

Enhance your earning potential:

  • Studies show that the average annual increase in earning following CFP® certification is 20%.2
  • Both solo and team CFP® professional practices generate at least 40% more in revenue compared to other practices.1

Boost your value in the industry:

  • Instill greater confidence in your clients with the most recognized designation in personal financial planning.
  • Careers in financial planning continue to grow, with more and more Americans pulling their finances together for the future.4

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Not sure if you're ready for the CFP® certification program?

Kaplan also offers the Wealth Management Specialist (WMS) designation. The WMS program is designed for entry-level financial professionals, financial advisor support staff, and those want to advance in their careers quickly but don’t have time for the rigors of the CFP® exam program. 

Set yourself apart:
  • 9 out of 10 consumers feel most confident working with an advisor who holds a financial designation.3
  • 86% of investors look for an advisor who has passed a certification exam and gone through an education program.3

Stay on track for earning your CFP® certification:

  • Our WMS program is designed as a “stepping stone” designation. 
  • The WMS program gives you a substantial overview of the most critical concepts in financial planning prior to the rigorous CFP® exam program.
  • WMS holders can bypass the first education course in the CFP® certification education program.

Think the WMS program is the right path for you?

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