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Why Pursue the CFP® Certification

Invest in your success with the CFP Mark.
Whether you are new to the financial industry, or are an experienced financial planner, chances are you know about the prestigious CFP® certification. With many Baby Boomers heading toward retirement, the need for personal financial planners is growing every day. Recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning, earning the CFP® mark will give you tremendous opportunities in your financial career.

Improve your daily practice:

  • Gain additional education and knowledge of all aspects of your customers’ financial planning needs.
  • 70% of CFP® professionals say their CFP® certification contributes directly to their success.1

Enhance your earning potential:

  • Studies show that the average annual increase in earning following CFP® certification is 18%.2
  • Both solo and team CFP® professional practices generate at least 40% more in revenue compared to other practices.1

Boost your value in the industry:

  • Instill greater confidence in your clients with the most recognized designation in personal financial planning.
  • Careers in financial planning continue to grow, with more and more Americans pulling their finances together for the future.3

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Not sure if you're ready for the CFP® certification program?

Kaplan also offers the Wealth Management Specialist (WMS) designation. The WMS program is designed for entry-level financial professionals, financial advisor support staff, and those want to advance in their careers quickly but don’t have time for the rigors of the CFP® exam program. 

Set yourself apart:
  • 9 out of 10 consumers feel most confident working with an advisor who holds a financial designation.3
  • 86% of investors look for an advisor who has passed a certification exam and gone through an education program.3

Stay on track for earning your CFP® certification:

  • Our WMS program is designed as a “stepping stone” designation. 
  • The WMS program gives you a substantial overview of the most critical concepts in financial planning prior to the rigorous CFP® exam program.
  • WMS holders can bypass the first education course in the CFP® certification education program.

Think the WMS program is the right path for you?

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2 Average as reported in the College for Financial Planning 2016 Survey of Trends in the Financial Planning Industry.
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