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Premium Live Review Solution for the November 2017 CFP® Exam

Premium Live Review Solution for the November 2017 CFP® Exam

Kaplan's Premium Live Review Study Solution for the November CFP® Exam

Our Premium Live Review Study Solution provides the best and most comprehensive option for you to prepare, practice, and perform on your CFP® exam. This package combines the Essential Study Solution with the Live Review class, giving you the best chance for success on exam day!

Premium Live Review

Retail $1,348  

To order, please call 866.963.8329. 

Live Review Class

  • Reviewing for the CFP® exam is the key to performing your best on exam day. After covering important concepts in each topic, instructors work through example problems to help reinforce your knowledge, practice your exam techniques, and improve exam-taking skill and speed. Choose from a traditional or virtual class:
    • Traditional Class: Held in major metro areas
    • Live Online Class: Attend live online at 7:30 or 9:00 pm ET. Classes are recorded and archived for future review.

Review Books 1-7

  • The 7-book Kaplan Review textbooks are your starting point as you prepare for the CFP® exam. Each book contains complete reference outlines, giving detailed coverage of each of the 6 tested areas of the CFP® exam, as well as examples, illustrations, and an index. Kaplan Review Books 1–7 are available in print or eBook.

In-Class Guide

  • Use the In-Class Guide to stay on task during your Live Review Class. This handy guide will prepare you for the rigors of the CFP® exam with numerous examples, practice questions, and an area to take notes during your review class.

Getting Started Guide

  • Refer to the Getting Started Guide to review exam details and learn how to properly use your study materials to best prepare for the CFP® exam.

Study Planner

  • This innovative tool takes the guesswork out of creating a prep plan! Prepare with a detailed study plan that shows you how to use your study materials in the most effective way possible.

Diagnostic Exam

  • How ready are you for the CFP® exam? Gauge your readiness and give yourself time to prepare with the Diagnostic Exam. Use this 50-question exam at any time during your preparation to evaluate your level of knowledge of the CFP® exam curriculum. You'll receive instant scoring, including answers and solutions.

Exam Prep Videos

  • Tap into Kaplan's video library when you need more guidance in your exam review. These videos outline strategic approaches to highly tested exam topics, so you can enter exam day prepared to answer all types of questions.

Mock Exam Video

  • Prepare for the Online Mock Exam by viewing the OnDemand Mock Exam Video. Learn valuable tips on how to approach the mock exam.

Online Mock Exam

  • Designed to simulate the 6-hour comprehensive exam, the Online Mock Exam contains multiple-choice questions, item sets, and a comprehensive case. Identify your strengths and weaknesses now, so you can perform your best on the actual CFP® exam.

Review QBank

  • Use the Review QBank to practice your exam-taking skills and identify your weak areas. Featuring two types of QBanks (Analyze and Apply, Recall and Review), you can create and customize quizzes to suit any study needs. With this handy tool, you will be ready to perform on the actual CFP® exam.

Performance Tracker

  • Included with our QBanks, Performance Tracker allows you to track your progress and compare your exam results to other candidates. You can also use Performance Tracker to track your assessment exam and quiz scores.

Instructor Email Access

  • As you prepare for the exam, connect with a credentialed instructor to get your exam- and content-related questions answered.

Live Webinars

  • Attend a series of live webinars in which Kaplan subject matter experts prepare you for the CFP® exam. These webinars review highly testable exam topics, give tips on how to de-stress before the exam, and explain how to interpret your exam results.


  • We want you to pass the CFP® exam—and we stand behind our study packages! If you do not pass the CFP® exam after the purchase of a Live Review Study Solution, you will receive a free Live Review Study Solution to use within a one-year time frame (three exam cycles).

To find your class schedule and choose a location, click here.

The following online assets remain active until the last day of the month of the review cycled in which you are enrolled: Diagnostic Exam, Pre-Review Videos, Mock Exam Videos, and Playback of Virtual Class (if applicable). The following online assets remain active for 12 months from the date of access: Mock Exam, Review QBank, Core Lecture Videos, and Instructor Email Access.

*To be eligible, you must submit your Official Score Report to fpexamresults@kaplan.com within three weeks of receiving it from CFP Board. All exam results will remain confidential.