CFP® Exam Review Courses for the November Exam

If you have already purchased the Essential Review Package, but want to ensure you have all the assets available to succeed on exam day, then a Review Class Package is right for you. All courses are instructor-led and come with additional integrated study tools to complement your current set of textbooks and tools. Trust our experienced instructors to cover important concepts and guide you through example problems to reinforce your knowledge, while improving your exam-taking techniques.


Review Class Options


Over 22 hours of pre-recorded lectures for busy working professionals to view anywhere, at anytime.


Located in major metro areas, you'll experience 4 days of total curriculum immersion with other exam takers.

Live Online

Interact with your instructor and peers in 11 live online sessions, which are then archived for additional review or in case you miss a class.

Please Note: Onsite review classes are canceled until further notice as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enroll in a CFP® Exam Review Class

OnDemand Review Class Package


Onsite or Live Online Review Class Package


Additional Study Tools

With the purchase of a review class, you will also receive:

This helpful binder is your key to keeping on task in your Review Class. Focusing on highly testable topics, this guide helps you understand and apply the concepts you learn in class to what you might see on the exam. The binder format gives you one convenient place to store all of the notes you take during class lectures and while you study.

Begin your course by viewing the Course Intro Video and reading through the overview documents to ensure you make the most of your study time.

Take the guesswork out of creating your study plan! Our proven, time-tested study planner guides you through CFP Board's 72 principal knowledge topics and helps you get the most out of your study tools.

Use this 100-question assessment at the beginning of your study plan to gauge your overall readiness. You'll receive instant scoring, including correct answers and supporting rationales. Use the Results & Next Steps PDF and Recall & Review QBank to build an updated study plan that focuses on your weak areas.

These innovative videos not only review highly testable exam topics, but also show the various approaches CFP Board may use to test them. Downloadable PDFs are also available for note-taking.

View the instructional video on how to approach the Mock Exam, and then simulate the 6-hour CFP® exam by completing the full Mock Exam. Each session of the Mock Exam provides an assessment using multiple-choice questions, item sets, mini-cases, and a comprehensive case.

Access a library of several helpful OnDemand webinars, covering topics such as tried-and-true study tips, how to de-stress and stay calm on exam day, and interpreting your exam results.

One of our students' favorite review tools is the High 5 video series! Experienced instructors present these recorded webinar videos in an engaging format, emulating a review classroom setting. Specifically focused on ways to approach highly testable exam topics, these 7 videos will leave you feeling confident and ready to succeed on exam day.

We want you to pass the CFP® exam, and we stand behind our study packages. If you attend a Review Class and do not pass the exam, you can enroll in a subsequent Review Class for one of the next 3 exam cycles absolutely free—no loopholes, no hoops to jump through, and no hidden qualifications.