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Essential Study Solution for the November 2019 CFP® Exam

Essential Study Solution for the November 2019 CFP® Exam

Our Essential Study Solution is a great choice for the self-motivated candidate who prefers an independent approach to studying for the CFP® exam. This package allows you to prepare and practice for the exam at your own pace, and provides a variety of study solutions so that you are able to perform your best on exam day.

Essential Study Solution for the November 2019 CFP® Exam

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Essential Study Solution
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Your Essential Study Solution contains everything you need to review for the CFP® exam at your own pace. Depend on your Review Books and 10-Week Study Planner to ensure you’ve mastered the curriculum and are staying on track in your prep plan.


  • Course Overview
  • 10-Week Study Planner Checklist
  • Pre-Study Assessment
  • Review Books 1-7
  • Review QBank
  • Performance Tracker
  • Instructor Email Access via InstructorLink™

The Essential Study Solution includes:

Review Books 1-7

These 7 comprehensive study books are the core of your review study plan. Each book contains complete reference outlines, application questions, relevant examples, and exhibits to help you achieve exam success. Choose print textbooks or eBooks through VitalSource®.

Course Overview

  • Begin your course by viewing the Course Intro Video and reading through the overview documents to ensure you make the most of your study time.

10-Week Study Planner Checklist

  • Take the guesswork out of creating your study plan! Our proven, time-tested study planner guides you through CFP Board’s 72 principal knowledge topics and helps you get the most out of your study tools.

Pre-Study Assessment

  • How prepared are you for the CFP® exam? Use this 100-question assessment at the beginning of your study plan to gauge your overall readiness. You’ll receive instant scoring, including correct answers and supporting rationales. Use the Results & Next Steps PDF and Recall & Review QBank to build an updated study plan that focuses on your weak areas.

Analyze & Apply QBank

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Review Books 1-6, your QBank provides exam-like questions that not only test your knowledge of CFP® exam topics, but your ability to apply that knowledge to various scenarios. Challenge yourself by creating custom quizzes, and download them for on-the-go review.

Performance Tracker

  • Track your progress in the Analyze & Apply QBank and compare your results to other candidates.

Instructor Email Access
via InstructorLink™

  • Connect with Kaplan’s experienced instructors and subject matter experts easily on your student Dashboard to get your exam- and content-related questions answered.

The following online assets remain active for 12 months from the date of access: Pre-Study Assessment, Review QBank, and Instructor Email Access.