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Insurance Licensing Exam Study Packages

Packages that fit your life style and budget. Live. Online. Self-Study.

Kaplan’s innovative classes and study tools are designed using our Prepare ● Practice ● Perform® learning strategy. The classes and materials work in concert with each other to deliver the knowledge necessary to pass the state licensing exam in a way that fits a variety of lifestyles. Find the package that best fits your learning style and budget here!

Live & OnDemand
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Retail Prices Start at: Prices Vary by State $189 (single-line)
$209 (dual-line)
$169 $129 $129

Traditional Live Class

Prepare for exam day in a live classroom environment. Experts with industry experience provide instant feedback and vital information for passing the state exam.

Live & OnDemand

This interactive webcast provides the structure of classroom instruction with the convenience of online study. Live & OnDemand provides the benefits of a live class and eliminates the constraints of attending an in-person class.

Traditional Live Class Live & OnDemand

Written by Kaplan’s industry experts, this flexible course helps you prepare for the state exam with interactive questions, illustrations, graphs, and practice tests to make learning and remembering key concepts easier.

This comprehensive textbook addresses key terms and significant licensing topics, broken down into easily digestible units. Units contain multiple graphics, exercises, quizzes, and discussion questions to help you learn faster and retain critical information as you prepare for the state exam.

Print & PDF PDF PDF PDF Print & PDF

This state-specific reference contains all the relevant testable state laws and regulations needed to pass the licensing exam. Use this book in conjunction with the License Exam Manual to prepare for all aspects of the state exam.

Print & PDF PDF PDF PDF Print & PDF

Build personalized exams based on difficulty, length, or specific topics with hundreds of insurance practice questions and solutions. Search for specific questions based on keyword, ID, or notes. The InsurancePro™ QBank is available in online and downloadable formats.

Designed as a quick reference tool, these Cram Sheets are presented in PDF format and outline the specific details covered in each unit.

Build a custom study calendar based on your exam date and when you plan to start studying. The interactive calendar lets you prepare for the state exam by planning for specific days off and coordinating assignments based on Kaplan’s Prepare ● Practice ● Perform® learning strategy.

Connect with a Kaplan instructor for personal assistance anytime as you prepare for the exam. With this online resource, you can communicate directly with insurance content experts and get your questions answered within two business days.

Keep tabs on how well you are progressing on your exam prep. This handy reporting tool helps you understand what areas you’re doing well in and what areas need some work before exam day.

Throughout your course, complete Checkpoint Exams at key intervals to provide student remediation and prepare for the state exam.

Designed to replicate the state exam experience, the Mastery Exam should be used as a general indicator of how you will perform on the actual state licensing exam. The higher your Mastery Exam score, the more likely you will score well on the actual state exam.

Mastery Exam B provides an additional practice opportunity prior to taking your state exam. Those with Premium or Essential packages may qualify for the Kaplan Commitment by purchasing and passing Mastery Exam B if they do not score 80% or higher on Mastery Exam A.

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Nothing in life is guaranteed...and that's why The Kaplan Commitment® has been put in place. We're confident that with your dedication, combined with our study materials, you will pass your state's insurance licensing exam. If you meet the criteria, you will have the option of returning your package and receiving a full refund of your package price (excluding shipping fees, if applicable).

Prepare for the state exam with a series of exam-focused streaming videos designed to provide reinforcement of the core exam topics discussed in the LEM. The instructor led reviews are grouped into categories by major topics and can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

This on-the-go study tool covers key concepts and basic exam knowledge in clips that average less than 5 minutes long. Clips are arranged in categories by major topic and can be streamed online or downloaded onto a computer or smartphone.

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Not all packages are available in all states.
FL & CA: License Exam Manual and State Law Supplement are not included.