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Securities Licensing Exam Study Tools

Kaplan Securities Licensing Study Tools

Kaplan Financial Education helps you prepare, practice, and perform with more securities licensing exam prep study tools than any other provider. View descriptions and learn more about each of the study tools included in our exam prep packages here.

Traditional Live Class

This live class is great if you prefer person-to-person contact and a set schedule in a traditional classroom environment. Prepare for exam day with our expert instructors that will walk you through the course content and ensure you fully understand key concepts during class. We offer our live series exam classes in many convenient locations across the metro area.

Live Online Class

This interactive webcast provides the structure and format of classroom instruction with the convenience of online study. Prepare with a scheduled live class online, and then have access to an archived version of the class to review anytime, anywhere.

OnDemand Online Class

This recorded version of our classroom lecture eliminates the constraints of attending scheduled classroom delivery. This choice allows you to prepare with our classroom content at recommended times during your study program, and then provides access to review it at any time you want, and as many times as you want.

License Exam Manual (LEM) (Print & PDF)

This comprehensive textbook is the foundation of your series exam preparation. The text addresses key terms and significant topics, broken down into easily digestible units. Units contain multiple graphics, exercises, quizzes, and discussion questions to help you learn faster and remember important information as you prepare for your series exam. The text also includes:

  • Unit quizzes
  • Glossary of common terms
  • Appendix with commonly used charts

Class Notes (Print & PDF)

Prepare for your exam with these spiral-bound, soft-cover books that highlight important series exam topics. They include the key points addressed in our live classes, allowing you to focus on the instructor without having to worry about taking notes. The notes are grouped by lesson and provide a convenient format for organized review after class has ended.

Study Calendar

Prepare for your series exam by building a customizable study calendar to schedule daily tasks unique to your study time frame and test date. This interactive calendar helps you plan for specific days off and calculates the average amount of time you will be studying each day. Plan your exam prep around your personal schedule and study preferences and coordinate assignments based on Kaplan’s Prepare ● Practice ● Perform™ learning strategy.

SecuritiesPro™ QBank (Online & Download)

Practice your test taking skills and test your knowledge with thousands of exam-focused questions and solutions. This interactive QBank allows you to build personalized exams based on length and topic of your choice and features unlimited exam attempts that are randomly generated each time. The Qbank also gives you the ability to:

  • Complete the exams online or print them out to study on the go.
  • Review your performance on previously taken exams.
  • Track time spent on a question and/or exam.
  • Search for specific questions based on keyword, question ID, or notes.
  • Create personal notes and bookmarks on questions for future reference.
  • Build weighted mock exams to provide a comprehensive test review of all material.

Video Library

You can prepare for your exam with this series of short, exam-focused streaming videos designed to provide reinforcement of the core exam topics discussed in the License Exam Manual. They provide an excellent source of review after you have completed your reading and practice questions and help identify areas that you may need further clarification on. The instructor-led reviews:

  • Are grouped into categories by major topics
  • Have supporting PDF note pages
  • Can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and as often as you like

Checkpoint Exams

This exam is designed to test your knowledge at the end of each unit in your License Exam Manual.

Midterm Exam

This exam is designed to test your knowledge at the mid-point of your series exam preparation.

Practice Exam

Test your performance with an online collection of practice questions built on the most current test topics. Frequently updated to address the latest regulations, this exam may be taken only once and provides a score with diagnostic feedback. It is designed to be an accurate measure of preparedness before your actual exam.

Exam Tips & Content Updates

As you prepare for exam day, use this online resource to stay up-to-date on the most current changes and study strategies related to your series licensing exam.

Performance Tracker

Keep tabs on how well you are progressing on your exam prep with Performance Tracker. This handy reporting tool helps you understand what areas you are doing well in and what areas may need a little more work before exam day.


Connect with a Kaplan instructor for personal assistance anytime as you prepare for the exam. With this online resource, you can communicate directly with insurance content experts and get your questions answered within two business days.

QuickSheet (Print)

Maximize your study time and refresh your memory with our securities quicksheet. This laminated 8½” x 11” study tool helps you prepare with a quick review of the "must-know" key definitions and concepts on your series exam. QuickSheets are a handy way to study critical exam material without having to page through an entire textbook.

Mastery Exam (Online)

This exam is designed to closely replicate the true exam experience, both in terms of the degree of difficulty and topical coverage. Validated as a test of preparedness, this exam may be taken only once and provides a score with diagnostic feedback. This exam has a similar weighting and format as the series exams and is timed, scored, and covers a broad range of general knowledge to help you perform your best. It is a sound indicator of how you will perform on your actual series exam. The better you perform on this exam, the more likely you are to pass your actual exam.

The Kaplan program helped me pass the Series 7, Series 66 and Life and Health Insurance exams by providing online lectures, immediate feedback on topical questions along with audio review. By utilizing each of these study tools, I was well prepared and passed these difficult exams.  I have recommended this program to others who have gone on to pass their exams.”        

A. Scolari