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Adjuster Insurance Prelicensing in Maryland

Many insurance adjusters choose to enhance their credibility and marketability by earning the Texas DHS Adjuster license. Although a license is not required to adjust in Maryland, the Texas Adjuster license is highly respected in the industry and allows you to adjust in any state that recognizes it. Please read the Disclosure for States that Require a Licensing Exam and License below for more details.

Online Course Self-Study Package (TX - Adjuster)

The Texas Adjuster Course prepares you to pass the state exam from the comfort of your home or office. The online course gives you the freedom to study on your schedule.

Online Course & State Licensing Exam

As an online attendee, you can satisfy the Texas Adjuster prelicensing requirement and take the state exam without having to travel to the testing center. Get 40 hours of expert instruction based on Kaplan’s Prepare ● Practice ● Perform® learning strategy. The course is in compliance with the new license format and satisfies the Texas Adjuster prelicensing requirement.*

Texas Adjuster State License Exam
At the end of the course, you will take the Texas Adjuster State License exam. If you successfully pass the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion. Attaining the certificate of completion makes you eligible to apply for a Texas Adjuster license!**

Topic Areas:

  • Principles of insurance
  • Auto coverage
  • Liability
  • Homeowners coverage
  • Boiler and machinery
  • Aviation
  • Ocean marine and bonds
  • Texas state-specific laws

*The online access period for your insurance licensing course is 90 days. An additional 90 days may be purchased at $49. Please call or email our Student Support center to request this extension.

**Check with your State Department of Insurance to verify how the Texas Adjuster license can be used to adjust in states other than Texas.


The Texas Designated Home State (DHS) Adjuster license is available to an individual who is a resident of a state that does not license adjusters. This means you can obtain the Texas Property/Casualty Adjuster license just as a Texas resident adjuster would and complete the Texas bi-annual continuing education requirement. The Texas DHS Adjuster license is highly respected in the industry and can significantly enhance your credibility as an adjuster in your home state.

Kaplan’s online Property/Casualty Adjuster licensing course contains the actual state licensing exam for the Texas DHS Adjuster license; therefore, you can satisfy your Texas prelicensing requirement AND pass the Texas P/C Adjuster state licensing exam without having to leave your home or office. Upon completing the Kaplan course and successfully passing the exam, you can remotely apply for the Texas P/C Adjuster License using the procedures found on the Texas Insurance License State Requirements page. This will qualify you to adjust in both your home state and numerous other states that accept the Texas DHS Adjuster license.

If you continue, please be aware that you will be taking Kaplan's online Texas Property/Casualty Adjuster course. Check with the Department of Insurance in your resident state and the states you wish to adjust to see how the Texas PC Adjuster license can be used in those states.

The following states do not require that insurance adjusters be licensed; however, the Texas Designated Home State (DHS) License is highly respected in these states and is proven to enhance credibility to clients: CO, DC, IA, IL, KS, MA, MD, MO, ND, NE, PA, NJ, OH, SD, TN, VA, and WI.

Insurance adjusters engage in the business of investigating and adjusting any claim in connection with an insurance policy. They also engage in soliciting for the insurance adjustment business.

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