Top 5 Benefits of Earning the AWMA® Designation

Learn how you can become an expert in working with high-net-worth individuals and improve your career with the AWMA® designation.

The AWMA® designation is recognized as the industry-benchmark for wealth management credentials and is endorsed by the top financial firms.

AWMA® designees receive credit for the completion of FP513 in our CFP® certification education program or receive credit for an elective in our MS Degree in Personal Financial Planning. This allows you to save both time and money while pursuing multiple credentials.

Graduates of the AWMA® program report a 7% average earnings increase, as well as increases to their client base.

For CFP® professionals who must complete continuing education requirements as part of certification renewal, program completion fulfills 28 hours of continuing education.

If you currently hold a professional designation from the College, completion of a new professional designation program fulfills 16 hours of continuing education as part of the renewal of your current designation. 

Learn to recognize and better serve the unique needs of high-net-worth clients. This benefits your clients while allowing you you to advance your own financial career.

"Because of my AWMA® designation, I am now working with higher-net-worth clients, which allows me to work with fewer individuals while substantially increasing my income. Because my clients feel that I offer more individual attention and a top-notch level of service, I’ve received an increase in quality referrals."

- Paul R.