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Securities Licensing Exam Prep for Corporate Partners

Securities Licensing Exam Prep for Corporate Partners

Securities Licensing Exam Prep for Corporate Partners

We help your employees succeed for you.

We clearly understand how important it is for your employees to not only pass their exam the first time, but to also excel in their everyday interactions with your customers. It is not by accident that our study programs are designed to do just that and are recognized as industry leading. Consider the criteria below for selecting a provider and how Kaplan delivers on each one.

Recognized Education Leader

  • Kaplan is one of the largest global and diversified education companies, serving over 1 million students each year.
  • Kaplan is the largest education provider for the financial services and related industries, holding relationships with: 43 of the top 50 banks; 48 of the top 50 broker dealers; and 42 of the top insurance companies.
  • We deliver in the corporate setting, with years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and major financial institutions.
  • Kaplan uses a comprehensive learning strategy that combines a scientific, evidence-based design philosophy with a straightforward educational approach to learning.
  • We designed a system to help students achieve desired program outcomes efficiently and effectively by employing a three-phase learning strategy: Prepare ▶ Practice ▶ Perform®.
  • Our strategy simplifies the learning process, allowing students to focus on what they need to learn versus how they need to learn it.

Easy To Do Business With

  • We provide unmatched service, featuring customer experience managers, account managers, instructors, academic advisors, student support teams, and technical support.
  • Your implementations team works closely with you to ensure that your organization’s educational goals are met through the use of innovative and reliable technological solutions.
  • Your customer experience manager (CEM) is your main point of contact, fully immersed in your business needs. As the face of your relationship, they are your project manager, managing all of your needs and requests.

Quality of Content

  • Our content directly reflects what is tested on the exam to help your employees pass their exam.
  • We provide the skills your employees need to help your clients and your company.
  • Our materials contain the most current and accurate information available.
  • All of our study solutions include practice tests and a large database of practice questions.

Quality Student Support

  • The student support team:
    • Delivers assistance when students place orders
    • Helps your employees find the best package offering to meet their needs
    • Explains all of the online tools in the study program
    • Assists with rescheduling classes, re-setting passwords, and upgrading products
  • The technical support team:
    • Helps with any technical issues with study tools, our websites, or the portal platform the students use to access their study curriculum
    • Offers after-hours support (available by submitting a support request)

Tracking and Reporting of Student Progress

  • Kaplan's Tracking and Reporting System:
    • Monitors individual progress (at a glance)
    • Automatically sends at-risk emails
    • Sends scheduled push alerts
    • Delivers streamlined reporting by firm, region, and branch/agency

User-Friendly Study Programs

  • Our programs can be customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Our content is well-organized, clear, concise and presented in a logical flow.
  • Our effective, proven study tools are offered in a variety of convenient course formats (live classroom, live online, and OnDemand).

Top Instructors

  • Learn from the best. Kaplan’s instructors average over 25 years of industry experience.
  • Our instructors include former New York Stock Exchange members, past owners of training companies, and individuals who have sat on various exam committees.


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