What to Expect on Insurance License Exam Day

By: Kaplan Financial Education
March 7, 2019
pushpin on a calendar representing insurance licensing exam day

So, you've followed our tips for how to pass your insurance license exam and are about to take it, Congratulations! Do you know what to expect on test day? We have the inside scoop on the testing process so you are not tripped up on exam day. 

To take your insurance exam, you will need to schedule it with one of your state’s approved testing centers. Every state uses test providers, which are companies hired by the state insurance commissioner and/or the state securities administrator to conduct insurance license exams. Do not be alarmed if you encounter others who are at the testing center for a completely different test. These locations may offer many different types of tests beyond insurance in fields like securities, nursing, and contracting.

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Insurance License Exam Day Arrival

Be sure to show up a little earlier than your testing time. It is a good idea to research ahead of time where the center is and how long it will take you to get there, so you can plan accordingly. If you are late, you may not be allowed to take the exam.


When you arrive at the test center on the day of the pre-arranged exam, you must check in before your exam time. You will need to present a picture ID (ie. state driver’s license, state ID card, passport). In some states, you must also present a Certification of Completion form indicating that you have successfully completed a licensing course from a provider like Kaplan.

After check-in, you must place everything from your pockets, including jewelry, watches, and purses in a locker. For greater peace of mind, do NOT wear or bring anything valuable to the exam. After you lock your belongings in a locker, you will be escorted into the testing room with only your picture ID and locker key and placed in an assigned testing cubicle. A testing employee will explain the expected conduct during the exam to you.

In the Testing Room

There may be cameras present in the testing room. You are expected to be quiet; any suspicious signs of cheating will disqualify you from the exam. If cheating is suspected for any reason, a testing employee will remove you from the room and you may face disciplinary action from the state administrator. If you need to use the public facilities during the exam, you will have to use your ID to leave and return to the testing room.

There will be a computer provided in your testing cubicle. Prior to the exam, you will participate in a tutorial presentation. This presentation will explain the functions of the computer, provide a sample multiple-choice question, and give directions on how to select an answer. Then the exam will begin!


Once you complete the exam, you will receive a piece of paper with the results. If you pass, you will receive a piece of paper explaining how to apply for your license with the state. You may have to wait a few days for the testing center to report that you passed before you can apply for your license. If you fail, you will get a diagnostic report so you know what areas to study for next time. If you studied on your own, you can increase the odds of passing the second time around by looking into an exam preparation package.

That’s all there is to it! If you have other questions or are looking for more exam-related information, please visit our Insurance Licensing FAQ page here.


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