Kaplan is one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers. Throughout our more than 80-year history, Kaplan has been a beacon for expanding educational access and a leader in instructional innovation. 

Carl Schweser and Andy Temte collaborate and create the Schweser Study Program (Kaplan Schweser). Their goal was to provide efficient, effective study notes for the CFA®; exam.

Kaplan, Inc. acquires Self-Test Software entering into the online training space for information technology designations. This will later become Kaplan IT Training, a part of the Kaplan Professional portfolio. Kaplan IT transitions to CyberVista™ in 2018. 

Kaplan acquires Schweser Study Program (Kaplan Schweser). All materials will be sold under the Schweser Study Program, a Kaplan Professional Company, until 2005.

Kaplan, Inc. acquires the Dearborn™ Financial Services division of Dearborn Publishing.

Kaplan acquires Prosource Education Services, Inc., based in Minnesota.

Schweser Study Program (Kaplan Schweser) adds exam prep materials for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) designation.

Kaplan Professional begins to offer Transcender® (now CyberVista™) and expands the Kaplan IT product offering to include two well known brands in the industry.

Kaplan, Inc. acquires BISYS Education Services. Dearborn and BISYS merge to form Kaplan Financial, with headquarters in Chicago, IL.

Kaplan, Inc. acquires eMind.

Schweser Study Program becomes Kaplan Schweser

Kaplan Schweser adds exam prep materials for the Chartered Alternative Investment AnalystSM (CAIA®) designation.

Kaplan Financial is relocated from Chicago, IL, to La Crosse, WI. The company is placed into the hands of Kaplan Schweser’s management team, and the name is changed to Kaplan Financial Education. Kaplan Real Estate Education soon follows and is relocated to La Crosse in the same year.

Kaplan, Inc. acquires J.Y. Monk Real Estate Training Center and expands its live classroom retail real estate education presence into North Carolina. 

Kaplan Schweser unifies its global presence and aligns resources in the Kaplan divisions in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States.


Kaplan Professional acquires SmartPros® (Accounting Continuing Education) in the United States. This acquisition includes Loscalzo Associates, which SmartPros acquired in 2008 in the tax education space. 


Kaplan Schweser celebrates 25 years of CFA exam prep...the longest run among all competitors. Kaplan Schweser remains the world leader in premier CFA exam prep solutions and continues to be the most trusted name in the industry.

Kaplan Professional acquires Nichols Patrick CPE (Accounting Continuing Education) as an extension of its Loscalzo Associates offerings.

Kaplan Professional acquires Genesis, expanding its learning and professional development footprint in the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC).

Kaplan Professional enters into a strategic partnership with LearnCore™, providing Kaplan Professional with industry-leading technology in the sales enablement and training space.

Kaplan Professional enters into a strategic partnership with Metis®, expanding its offerings into the data science and machine learning live classroom training space.

Kaplan Professional (Australia) acquires Red Marker. Red Marker’s Artemis technology fast tracks Kaplan Professional into the artificial intelligence/machine learning space for educational compliance.

Kaplan University is sold to Purdue Global.

Kaplan Professional acquires Professional Publications Inc. (PPI), re-entering the engineering and architecture exam preparation space. All materials are currently being sold under PPI, a Kaplan Professional brand.

Kaplan Professional acquires the College for Financial Planning®, becoming a leading provider of wealth management education for professionals.

Kaplan Professional re-acquires the Retail Real Estate, Engineering and Architecture assets.

Kaplan Professional transitions the Kaplan IT Training brand into the CyberVista brand, with a larger focus on driving increased market penetration in the cybersecurity and training space.

Kaplan Professional enters into a strategic partnership with Rapid Learning® Institute, entering into the sales training, leadership training, and micro-modular learning spaces.

Smart Pros, Loscalzo Associates, Nichols Patrick, and Enterprise Executive Inc. (EEI) combine to create Accounting Continuing Education, a new vertical within Kaplan Financial Education.