Top 5 Benefits of Earning the CRPS® Designation

Learn how you can become an expert in wholesale retirement plan administration and improve your career with the CRPS® designation.

The CRPS® designation is recognized as the industry-benchmark for retirement plan administration credentials and is endorsed by the top financial firms.

CRPS® designees receive credit for an elective in our MS Degree in Personal Financial program. This allows you to save both time and money while pursuing multiple credentials.

Graduates of the CRPS® program report a 20% average earnings increase, as well as increases to their client base and even their job satisfaction.

Obtain up to 45 hours of continuing education for completing the program.

Learn to better create, implement, and  maintain retirement plans to benefit your clients while advancing your own financial career.

"I found the CRPS® program to be an excellent, comprehensive course that covered the basics of retirement planning and helped me increase my knowledge of concepts such as Defined Benefit Plans and 457 Plans. At my suggestion, this course will be mandatory for all associates at my firm who aspire to become Retirement Specialists."—Anne F.