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Top 5 Benefits of Earning a Master of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning

Discover how pursuing a Master of Science Degree can benefit your financial career.

A Master of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning shows that you have reached the highest level of financial expertise possible. It is immediately recognizable to both clients and firms.

Pursue the CFP® certification and a Master of Science Degree at the same time. Already have a graduate-level designation or the CFP® certification? You could be eligible for up to 15 hours of transfer credit for credentials like the CFP® certification and CRPC® designation. Save time and money by pursuing industry-revered credentials and an MS degree at the same time.

Master of Science Degree program graduates report a 25% average earnings increase, as well as increases to their client base and even their job satisfaction.

Obtain more than 400 hours of continuing education for completing the program.

The program provides you with immediately applicable tools and techniques that can benefit your clients while advancing your financial career.

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How does the MS Degree Program work?


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"When I needed to contact instructors for additional clarification I found each experience to be helpful, effective, and enriching. The classroom discussions were informative because of lively and enthusiastic participation by classmates and instructors. The program took me out of my comfort zone into relatively uncharted waters, gave me the tools and confidence to explore the topics, and inspired me to use critical thinking both in and out of the classroom."

– Terri A.