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Certified Financial Planner™ - CFP® Certification

Kaplan's CFP Exam Program

Distinguish Yourself with the CFP® Mark

Earning your CFP® certification will require a lot of work on your part; but the Kaplan CFP® exam program is built by working professionals, taught by working professionals, and designed for working professionals. We are with you every step of the way—not only with efficient, effective study tools, but also the personalized help you need to stay on track and finish strong. Our CFP® exam programs guarantee:

  • Industry-leading, top-of-the-line materials

  • World-class, expert instruction

  • Results-oriented, student-driven philosophy

At Kaplan, we recognize that everyone studies differently. We have traditional and virtual classroom formats, as well as a self-study program, at both stages of preparation. Choose a study program that perfectly suits your needs and learning style. Our CFP Board-registered education programs, combined with our Exam Prep Review solutions, will prepare you to master the 8 major domains covered on the CFP® exam.

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