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Wealth Management Faculty

Dr. Aman Sunder

Dean of Graduate Programs | Researcher at College for Financial Planning

Dr. Aman Sunder is a professor, dean of the graduate school, and researcher at the College for Financial Planning. His role at the College includes administrative leadership of the graduate school that includes MS degrees in finance and financial planning. He leads the research initiatives at the College and serves on its Institutional Review Board and several other committees.

David Mannaioni

Dean of Academic Programs | Professor

David Mannaioni, CFP®, MPASSM is the dean of academic programs and a professor at the College for Financial Planning. In the role of dean he oversees the development and revision of course content and ensures that the requisite academic rigor is in place for the CFP® education program, the Exam Prep Review course, and each of the professional designations the College offers. David also is actively involved in the development of course content, including textbooks, assessment questions, live classes, and videos. 

Cindy Shnaider

Graduate Coordinator | Professor

Cindy Shnaider, MSF is a professor and Graduate Coordinator at the College for Financial Planning, developing, overseeing, and teaching graduate courses in both the personal financial planning and finance degrees. She also serves as the primary liaison for the graduate school, ensuring communication and coordination with adjuncts, the registrar, the academic advisor, and the learning platform.

Jim Maher

Chair of General Financial Principles, Planning Practice, & Insurance | Professor

Jim Maher, MBA, APMA®, CFP® is a department chair and professor at the College for Financial Planning. He is responsible for overseeing the Department of General Principles, Planning Practice, and Insurance.

Jim has close to 30 years of experience in the financial planning industry as both an advisor and educator. As an educator, he worked as a senior content specialist with Kaplan Financial Education, primarily in the areas of investments and insurance planning, and co-authored courses in the CFP® education program. In addition, he was an instructor for Kaplan on topics including insurance and securities prelicensing. As an advisor, Jim owned an independent financial planning and wealth management firm and also served as a financial representative with two major insurance carriers.

Cindy Riecke


Cindy Riecke, MS, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® is a professor at the College for Financial Planning, specializing in financial planning principles, practice, and insurance. She also serves on several of the College’s academic committees.

Jennifer N. Coombs

Associate Professor

Jennifer Coombs, CRPC®, is an associate professor at the College for Financial Planning. She is the creator, lead author, and lead instructor for the Chartered SRI Counselor™ (CSRIC) designation program, and serves as a subject matter expert on a number of the College’s investment courses.

Mike Harris

Chair of Retirement Planning | Professor

Mike Harris, MPASSM, CFP®, CRPC® is the chair of the retirement studies department and a professor at the College for Financial Planning, specializing in both the retirement planning and estate planning areas.

Prior to the merger of the College for Financial Planning and Kaplan Professional, Mike was Kaplan Professional’s subject matter expert for retirement planning and estate planning, collaborating with other subject matter experts on the books “Personal Financial Planning: Theory and Practice” and “Personal Financial Planning: Cases and Applications.” Before entering the financial planning education field, Mike pastored a church in Colorado Springs, CO for 10 years and served 13 years as a Senior Relationship Manager for a major denominational pension board.

Barclay Roper

Assistant Professor - Retirement Planning

Barclay Roper, MSF is an assistant professor at the College for Financial Planning, specializing in retirement planning and investments. He teaches graduate courses in both the personal financial planning and finance degrees, and is involved in developing and teaching designation courses.

Dr. Sara Stolberg Berkowicz

Associate Professor - Retirement Planning

Dr. Sara Stolberg Berkowicz, CFP®, CDFA® is an associate professor at the College for Financial Planning, specializing in the areas of retirement, divorce financial planning, and money psychology. In addition to teaching, research, and content management duties, Sara also serves on the College’s Research and Faculty Honors committees.

Dr. Christopher Woehrle

Chair of Tax and Estate Planning | Professor

Dr. Christopher Woehrle serves as professor and chair of the tax and estate planning department at the College for Financial Planning. He has extensively published on the coordination of charitable gift planning with retirement planning. In 2017 he received a Distinguished Author Award by vote of the readers of Trusts & Estates, a preeminent wealth management journal.

Dan Johnson

Associate Professor

Dan Johnson, MS, CFP® is an associate professor at the College for Financial Planning. He teaches a variety of courses at the College while staying engaged as a practitioner.

Michael Angell

Assistant Professor - Tax and Estate Planning

Michael Angell, CFP®, EA is an assistant professor at the College for Financial Planning, where he serves primarily as the in-house income tax planning subject matter expert.

Michael began his financial services career in banking over 20 years ago and eventually migrated into investment management and insurance planning. He has served clients in various capacities with independent, boutique-style firms and learned directly from seasoned CFP® practitioners in the field. Michael has also been an income tax professional for several years.

Dr. Yi Liu

Assistant Professor - Finance and Economics

Dr. Yi Liu is an assistant professor in the finance and economics department at the College for Financial Planning, specializing in investments.

Yi has actively presented her research at national conferences such as the CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium and the AFCPE Symposium. Her research interests are focused on financial planning and financial decision making, including stock ownership, asset decumulation, personality traits, and financial well-being. 

Wealth Management Academic Staff

Dr. Amy Rell


Dr. Amy Rell is the Provost of the College for Financial Planning, where her role includes stewardship for the College’s academic programs, creation and implementation of the academic priorities for the College, and assuring the quality of the educational offerings. Amy has served in a variety of academic roles at UCLA, San Jose State University and the Colorado Community College System, in positions ranging from faculty to department chair to Dean. Prior to joining the College, Amy served as founding Dean for the Office of Global Education at Regis University.

Danielle Langworthy

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Danielle Langworthy is the academic affairs coordinator for the College of Financial Planning. After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver, she taught as adjunct faculty and then assistant professor of anthropology and department chair for anthropology, sociology, and women’s studies at the Community College of Denver.

Dr. Barbara Masi

Director, Academic Assessment

As chair of the assessment committee, Dr. Barbara Masi manages program evaluation and student learning assessment processes for all college programs and acts as liaison to the Higher Learning Commission as part of college accreditation oversight.

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