Top 5 Benefits of Earning the CSRIC® Designation

Become an expert in the history, trends, and best practices for SRI investments with the CSRIC® designation program.

The CSRIC® designation is recognized as the industry-benchmark for SRI-focused credentials and is endorsed by the top financial firms.

CSRIC® designees receive direct credit toward for one course in our MS Degree in Personal Financial Planning. This allows you to save both time and money while pursuing multiple credentials.

Graduates of the CSRIC® program report increases to their earnings, client base, and even their job satisfaction after completing the program.

Obtain up to 45 hours of continuing education for completing the program.

Learn to better serve your clients with accurate, relevant, and timely SRI advice while advancing your own financial career.

“In 2016, one in five U.S. investment dollars, or $8.7 trillion, was in SRI, so it’s not a trend. There is a growing clientele actively seeking to build their wealth and save the planet.”

- S. Kerby