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University Partnership Opportunities

At Kaplan, we help people transform their lives through education. Our university partnerships benefit from our top-of-the-line instructor and student materials. We empower students to gain a competitive edge through education, while providing resources to start and advance their careers. We collaborate with universities to develop and supplement curriculums in order to help students prepare for licensing and advanced designation exams in the investment management, financial planning, and securities industries.

Would you like to help your students bridge the gap between the classroom and their career? Kaplan’s university partnership programs allow schools to add value to their current curricula and help meet the demands of students preparing for their professional lives.


Partner with Kaplan and give your students a competitive edge in any of the following areas:

University offerings, tailored to your program:

Live or Online Offerings

Instructor Resources

Introduction to Corporate Sponsors

Accredited Programs

Discounted Student Materials

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