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We Want You to Pass the FIRST Time!

We Want You to Pass the FIRST Time

Posted By: Allison Steers, Content Specialist
Updated: July 27, 2017

At Kaplan, our #1 goal is that you pass the state exam - the first time! For that reason, we provide you with the most up to date insurance licensing materials. However, once in a while the testable topics on the State Insurance Exam do change.

You are probably wondering, how do students know what topics are on the state exam and do our materials have the most current information?   Each testing provider creates a state-specific exam outline which lists exactly what topics students will be tested on when sitting for the state exam.  The exam outline is like the student’s road map for their studies.  For Insurance Licensing, our materials are built around the exam outline.

Many times, there is a change to the state’s exam outline where it includes new topics or regulations.  For example, many states are beginning to test on the Affordable Care Act.  (The majority of states will update their exam outline annually while some are more frequent and others less.)  Once we receive an exam outline, our existing content is reviewed and the determination is made if updates need to take place.  The appropriate SME (Subject Matter Expert) will begin updating our existing material and quickly get the project initiated.  You might be asking, how do we communicate updates to our students who already purchased our materials?  The Updates page!  This page contains important information to keep students up-to-date with the latest information for their state exam.

Out of all Insurance Licensing products, the Law Supplement book (specific to each state and line of authority) is updated the most often.  Students, please make sure to check the update page for updates to their printed materials.  The updates page can be found by logging into www.kfeducation.com/login and then going to ‘Updates’ which is located on the left-hand navigation menu under ‘Study Materials’.

Thank you for choosing Kaplan and good luck with your studies!