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Insurance Professional Development Books from Kaplan

Kaplan’s Insurance Professional Development Library’s full array of training textbooks meets the needs of new employees and seasoned professionals. We’ll provide comprehensive orientations to introduce employees to new roles, as well as more specific, job related education to help them develop throughout their careers. Keep Kaplan’s Insurance Professional Development textbooks in your organization and inspire your staff to achieve success!

Textbook categories are alphabetical below, and include:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Business Skills
  • Estate Planning
  • Ethics
  • Health Insurance
  • Investments and Financial Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Property & Casualty: Claims, Commercial Lines, and Personal Lines
  • Reference Tools
  • Retirement Planning
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Business Skills

Delivering Quality Service, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Here is a definitive study of quality customer service in the insurance environment. Students learn to see service from the customers' view. They learn to establish rapport, develop relationships, listen actively, take ownership of problems, speak positively, and help irate customers.

Effective Business Writing for Insurance People, 2nd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Bookstores are packed with writing courses, but this one is unique because students learn to write business letters, memos, faxes, and email using insurance-specific examples. Employees discover how to appraise a business situation and compose an appropriate, clear, and well-written response. A useful grammar review is included.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Concepts, 12th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Advanced

Learn what you need to sell life insurance in the profitable estate planning market. This book covers forms of property ownership, wills, trusts, probate, and estate and death taxes. Learn how to use life insurance and annuities to achieve important estate planning objectives.


Ethical Insurance Producer (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Here is an excellent introduction to the life and health insurance producer's ethical responsibilities to insurers, their clients, the public, and the state. The book focuses on the expression of ethical principles in the daily activities of life and health insurance producers.

Ethical Practices, 2nd Edition Revised (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

This book helps establish your company's ethical standards for life agents, managers, and marketing support personnel with discussions on serving the client's best interest, needs selling, ongoing service, and much more. Learners discuss the information sharing and privacy protection requirements established by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act.

Ethics at Work, 2nd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Ethics at Work emphasizes the importance of ethical conduct and professionalism in the property and casualty industry. Students learn how consumer protection and ethical issues relate to insurance regulation, with an emphasis on claims, underwriting, and sales practices. Case studies and exercises help students apply what they've learned.

Ethics for the Insurance Professional, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book outlines the broad parameters of a life insurance producer's ethical responsibilities. The producer's responsibilities to the insurer, policyowners, and the public are detailed. The material also outlines legal and fiduciary issues. Case studies and examples throughout the book reflect ethical dilemmas that insurance producers commonly face on the job.

Ethics, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book is designed to help producers recognize some of the ethical dilemmas they may encounter in their careers and provides guidance on the attitudes and specific conduct that is expected. It begins by defining ethics and explaining how insurance producers, as professionals, are subject to heightened ethical standards. The various ethical requirements that apply to insurance companies and agents are analyzed, with discussion relevant to both life and health and property and casualty producers.

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Health Insurance

Group Insurance, 7th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learners gain knowledge of all facets of group insurance, including life, health, and long-term care plans. The book explains the basic characteristics of group plans and analyzes the qualification and tax rules that apply to them. One unit is devoted to Section 125 plans. Study includes up-to-date coverage of the impact of managed care and health insurance portability requirements. The material provides practical advice on enrolling, installing, and servicing group plans, with special emphasis on marketing techniques.

Medicare and Medigap Insurance, 11th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Course Difficulty Level:


This course provides thorough coverage of the details concerning both Medicare health insurance and Medigap supplement health insurance policies. Medicare Part C plans (Medicare Advantage) are (is) also discussed. The course provides information on Medicare eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures and explains how health benefit claims are considered in plan coverage. Medicare benefits are explained in detail, including covered services, benefit amounts, claim exclusions, and any applicable copayments and deductibles.  The section of the course covering Medigap supplement insurance includes a discussion of related marketing and sales issues. Case study examples demonstrate how Medigap supplement insurance can complement Original Medicare coverage limitations.

Medicare, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

This book covers the Medicare program, including Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance), Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance), Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans, like HMOs or PPOs), and Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage).

Investments and Financial Planning

Annuity Concepts, 2nd Edition, Revised (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Learn the fundamentals of individual annuity contracts. This book covers variable annuities in depth, distinguishing them from fixed annuities and discussing variations such as single and periodic premium, immediate and deferred annuities. How annuities are used and tax rules are also covered.

Business Continuation Training Course, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill level: Intermediate

Businessowners have special estate planning challenges. Learn the pros and cons of continuing a business or liquidating it when the owner dies or becomes disabled. This book covers buy-sell arrangements, tax rules, and the role of insurance in making an effective plan.

Business Insurance Concepts, 10th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

No details are available for this product.

Financial Planning Process, 10th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Get clued into the financial planning process and the financial services industry. This course covers the basic analytic tools of the trade, income tax planning, risk management planning, retirement planning, wealth accumulation planning, estate planning, and business planning, and concludes with a look at the profession.

Variable Contracts, 2nd Edition Revised (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Take your knowledge of variable contracts to the next level. Learn to describe the formal characteristics of fixed premium variable life, variable universal life, and variable annuities to prospects and clients; determine suitability requirements of variable contracts; and explain and recommend asset allocation based on your clients' needs.

Life Insurance

Introduction to Life Insurance, 2nd Edition, 3rd Revision (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

This is a valuable, first-step training book that explains the job of selling life insurance and what is expected from new agents. It includes tips for a successful career, techniques for identifying insurance markets and analyzing financial needs, finding and contacting prospects, planning presentations, completing the sale, uses for life insurance products, analyzing life insurance policies, and developing professional work habits.

Needs Analysis, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Needs Analysis addresses the basics of needs-based consultative selling. After comparing financial objectives with existing resources, the need for additional insurance becomes obvious to prospects. This material is designed for producers who have just completed their introductory training or for experienced agents who wish to upgrade their skills from package or product selling.

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Property & Casualty: Basics

Legal Concepts and Doctrines, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

What concepts of legal responsibility underlie our system of insurance? This book covers our system of courts and the laws they administer, including contract and tort law, intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability and how these principles of law affect the investigation, evaluation, and disposition of an insurance claim.

Property and Casualty Principles, 5th Edition $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Do your employees need a quick orientation to the property and casualty industry? This powerful training is designed for completion in the first week on the job. It teaches new employees how the insurance industry operates and the contribution insurance makes to our world. Confidence is increased, and employees are prepared for the new roles they are about to play.

Property-Casualty Concepts, 13th Edition $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Get a comprehensive look at key insurance lines, including property, liability, dwelling, homeowners, personal auto, commercial property, ocean and inland marine, commercial general liability, commercial auto, commercial crime, and workers' compensation. Learn the coverages, exclusions, and conditions of each line. Regulation and company organization are covered.

Reinsurance Basics, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Advanced

This course teaches the elements of reinsurance contracts and discusses the broad categories within facultative and treaty reinsurance: pro rata and excess of loss. It is designed as an orientation course for reinsurance employees or as ongoing education for underwriters and other insurance professionals.

Umbrella Liability Coverage, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book delivers an overview of the major coverages, exclusions, and conditions typically included in personal and commercial umbrella policies. Students analyze their company's umbrella policy using a policy analysis manual.

Underwriting Basics, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Covers the proven-effective, four-step underwriting process: acquire needed information from the right sources, evaluate that information, select and implement sound underwriting actions, and monitor for changes and results. The course covers the basics required to underwrite specific lines of insurance and describes the purpose of reinsurance in the context of the underwriter's role.

Underwriting Practices, 1st Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Advanced

Underwriting Practices goes beyond the basic techniques and principles of underwriting and focuses on the ""how and why""of underwriting: how insurers develop their underwriting and risk selection guidelines, the factors that affect insurance pricing, how insurance rates are developed, and why retrospective rating plans may be appropriate for certain risks.

Property & Casualty: Claims

Auto Physical Damage Basics, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

Learn the terms and functions relating to each part and system of an automobile. More than 200 detailed illustrations identify car parts and their locations. Claim representatives who complete Auto Physical Damage Basics before attending training school will be ready to learn the specifics of estimating losses without having to struggle with the terminology. A glossary, index, and table of common abbreviations provide a valuable reference when study is complete.

Claim Basics, 4th Edition $29.00  Add to Cart 

Here is a targeted orientation course for new claim professionals. Learners discover the role of the claim professional and the skills and resources involved in claim handling. Students receive an introduction to the common procedures involved in the claim-handling process and the important ethical issues associated with claims.

Claim Evaluation and Settlement, 2nd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This fundamental book presents the methods used to determine the correct amount to pay for property and liability claims. Students learn the complete settlement process, from reserving to recovery through subrogation or salvage. Practical examples and exercises teach important strategies for on-the-job use.

Claim Investigation, 2nd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book presents the basic procedures and relevant laws for property and casualty claim investigations. Students learn specific steps to follow when investigating auto liability, workers' compensation, fire, and fall-down claims. Relevant case studies show how to use information from a loss report in the investigation procedure.

Insurance Fraud Awareness, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Insurance fraud is a costly problem for the insurance industry, policyholders, and the general public. Learn techniques to identify and fight fraud at the time a policy is purchased or when a claim is made. The course describes common insurance fraud indicators associated with specific types of claims, including property, auto, and workers' compensation.

Interpreting Medical Reports, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This is an excellent introduction to medical terms and human anatomy from a claims perspective. The study provides the skills needed to competently handle medical claims. Illustrations help the learners locate and identify major bones and key body systems. Students learn the implications of bone and soft tissue injuries. Job aids include medical abbreviations, terms, a pronunciation guide, and a temporary disability time estimate chart.

Medical Tests and Signs, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Plain-language explanations and illustrations introduce diagnostic tools and relate them to the physical conditions commonly seen in medical claims. This course helps employees understand complex medical reports about tests and signs and use those reports effectively in the claims settlement process.

Negotiation Skills, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book guides students through the process of claim negotiation. Students focus on preparing for negotiation, establishing the right climate, and other techniques needed to reach quality settlements.

Residential Construction Basics, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Basic

This fully illustrated course shows how a home is built, beginning with the foundation and following with each step until the structure is complete. Students learn construction nomenclature and the latest residential construction techniques. It includes a brief refresher course in estimating math.

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Property & Casualty: Commercial Lines

Business Income Coverages, 3rd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Advanced

This comprehensive training book explains the concepts and terminology of ISO's business income and extra expense forms and frequently used endorsements. Learners discover how to differentiate time element needs from property coverage needs and which factors are used to establish adequate insurance limits to cover loss exposures.

Commercial Auto Coverage, 11th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Here is a careful analysis of ISO's business auto, auto dealers, and motor carrier forms. Students learn the eligibility rules and how to use the numerical system for designating the autos covered by each form.

Commercial Auto Rating, 8th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

This comprehensive book teaches how to rate both business auto and auto dealers forms. It covers rating hired commercial auto, employers nonownership liability, commercial auto truck types, commercial auto trailers, zone risks, vehicle dealers, and private passenger types. The book also discusses the Optional Classification Plan and coding procedures.

Commercial Crime Coverage, 6th Edition, Revised (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Commercial Crime Coverage analyzes each of the insuring agreements in ISO's crime coverage program. This book explains how to assemble a commercial crime contract as a monoline policy or as part of the CPP, and it gives an overview of how the exposures are rated.

Commercial General Liability Coverage, 9th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Students learn the basis for legal liability and the business liability exposure. The book features detailed analysis of the coverages under ISO's occurrence and claims-made forms, specialized liability coverages, and popular endorsements.

Commercial General Liability Rating, 9th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level:Advanced

Students classify and rate the occrrence form and learn how claims-made rating is different. Topics include an introduction to general liability, tools used for rating CGL insurance, classifying and rating the occurrence and claims-made forms, and CGL and the CPP.

Commercial Inland Marine Coverage, 5th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This specialized book introduces the nationwide definition and teaches identification and categorization of common inland marine risks. Students learn to distinguish filed and nonfiled inland marine insurance forms and to determine which forms may be included in the commercial package policy. They also learn the terminology and regulations associated with transportation and bailee risks.

Commercial Property Coverage, 7th Edition, Revised (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Insurance for buildings and business personal property are discussed in this commercial property coverage book. It teaches the purposes of and coverages provided by commonly used ISO forms, including building and personal property, condominium, and business income forms. It also discusses the causes of loss forms and frequently used endorsements.

Commercial Property Rating, 11th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learn how to rate building and personal property coverages, as well as other commercial property coverages and endorsements. Topics include a review of commercial property insurance, tools used for rating commercial property insurance, class rating, and specific rating.

Insurance Packages for Small Businesses, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book provides an overview of package policies for small- to medium-sized businesses and ISO's businessowners policy and eligibility rules. Students learn typical ways in which company-specific businessowners policies differ from the ISO form.

Product Liability Insurance, 2nd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

What is the product liability risk and what are the types of claims that businesses may face from this exposure? Learn about the development of product liability law and the legal basis for lawsuits. Identify a business's product liability exposures and the appropriate insurance solution for that risk.

Professional Liability Insurance (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

This book discusses insurance policies that cover the professional liability exposures presented by certain types of occupations, such as physicians and attorneys. It also covers policies that cover other business liability risks that are related to professional liability, such as directors and officers liability, fiduciary liability, and employment practices liability.

Workers' Compensation Coverage, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book presents a careful analysis of the National Council on Compensation Insurance's workers' compensation and employers liability policy and the principal features of current issues on workers' compensation. It discusses benefit structures and basic features of state workers' compensation laws.

Workers Compensation Rating, 6th Edition Revised (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

This book shows students how to rate the workers' compensation (WC) and employers liability policy and how to use the WC classification system. It provides an overview of WC benefits, describes loss costs and how they are used, and explains how risks are classified. Exercises on rating from sample applications are included.

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Property & Casualty: Personal Lines

Dwelling Coverage, 5th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Look no further for complete training on the three Insurance Services Office (ISO) dwelling coverage forms and important endorsements. The book describes who is eligible for dwelling insurance and when it is most commonly used.

Personal Auto Coverage, 5th Edtion (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Learners will analyze each provision of ISO's personal auto policy and important policy endorsements. They will also learn about no-fault insurance and the main factors in determining personal auto premiums.

Personal Inland Marine and Watercraft Coverages, 2nd Edition (Print book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Here is targeted training that provides an analysis of inland marine contracts that offer specific coverage for an insured's valuables. It also includes the three major types of personal watercraft policies and their coverages. It is designed so learners may explore personal inland marine floaters, watercraft policies, or both.

Reference Tools

Glossary Of Insurance Terms, 7th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

The most up-to-date definitions and usage of thousands of specialized insurance industry terms and concepts, suitable for both life-health and property-casualty insurance. Definitions reflect current regulatory developments, policy forms and coverages, important legal developments, and the changing business environment. It includes terms related to annuities, auto insurance, estate planning, health insurance, property and liability insurance, retirement planning, life insurance, workers’ compensation, and related topics.

Medical Claims Illustrated Handbook, 2nd Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

A must-have for all professionals who work with medical claims. Eight sections deal with parts of the body and its systems, detailing anatomy, injuries and conditions. Four other sections cover medical terms and abbreviations, tests and signs, burns and disabilities. This handbook contains claim-specific information in a quick and easy format, featuring annotated visuals and concise descriptions.

Retirement Planning

Principles of Retirement Planning, 7th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This book familiarizes agents with the retirement planning market and the retirement planning process by covering three main areas: analyzing and identifying retirement income needs and how to address those needs, health care and health insurance options, and estate and distribution planning. Topics include needs analysis, Social Security, life insurance and annuities, investment products, qualified plans and IRAs, plans for small business owners, long-term care, and wealth distribution.

Social Security and Medicare, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

The rules governing Social Security and Medicare are complex, and eligibility requirements and benefit amounts can change frequently. This book will help you understand these programs. The material is divided into two parts and covers both Social Security and Medicare. A useful glossary of terms is included.

Investing Retirement Assets, 4th Edition (Print Book) $29.00  Add to Cart 

Skill Level: Intermediate

Numerous factors must be taken into account to formulate suitable strategies for investing retirement assets for today's retirees. This course provides an introduction to distributions from tax-qualified retirement plans, as well as an overview of the principles of asset allocation that may be appropriate for a retired or retiring client.