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Solution Selling Professional Development Program

In today’s marketplace, professional salespeople engage in diverse activities, including educating customers and fellow employees about your various products and services. Skills required to be a successful salesperson include being self-motivated, dependable, trustworthy, and an effective communicator, just to name a few. Kaplan has developed a course, Meeting Customer Needs, designed specifically to help salespeople develop these skills and improve communication. Your success as a salesperson has a direct effect on the success of your business. Make sure you are getting the best education available so you can fully meet the needs of your customers, gain the confidence of your employer, and move ahead in your career.

Here is an at-a-glance description of the course:

  • The course is 2 hours in length
  • Students have 30 days to access and complete the course
  • The entire course is completed online, so students can study anytime, anywhere
  • There is an exam at the end with a 70% score or higher necessary to pass
  • Students receive a completion letter upon successfully passing the course
  • Total cost for the course is $99

Successful salespeople today use a consultative approach and are seen as partners with the customer. This partnering relationship involves trust and knowledge, and in order to make a valid recommendation to the customer, the salesperson must first determine their needs.

This requires the ability to ask critical questions in order to identify an alignment between customer needs and your products or services. At the completion of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Apply needs selling principles
  • Determine appropriate questions to ask in order to identify your customer’s needs
  • Demonstrate product benefits in a way that offers solutions for your customers

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