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Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

Life Insurance Buyer's Guide

Order Your Life Insurance Buyer's Guides Now!

Keep life insurance review at your fingertips with the Life Insurance Buyer's Guide, a brochure that answers common life insurance questions and helps your clients determine what types of policies they need. These handy brochures are small enough to take with you wherever you go! 

The Buyer's Guide is sold in packs of 100. The price per 100-pack varies based on the number of packs you wish to purchase. 

Sold in Packs of 100 Quantity Price per 100-pack Unit Price
1-19 packs 100-1,900 $29.60 $0.30
20-29 packs 2,000-2,900 $24.15 $0.24
30-39 packs 3,000-3,900 $22.17 $0.22
40-49 packs 4,000-4,900 $21.05 $0.21
50-59 packs 5,000-5,900 $20.26 $0.20
60-69 packs 6,000-6,900 $19.65 $0.20
70+ packs 7,000+ $19.14 $0.19


Market your agency to your clients by imprinting your organization's information on the Buyer's Guide. Any order with a quantity of at least 1,000 Buyer's Guides qualifies for imprinting on a 3.5" x 2" space on the front cover. 

Take advantage of this cost-efficient opportunity to make a lasting impression today!

Imprint Guidelines
  • There is a $150 imprint fee with each qualifying order. This includes a black imprint of camera-ready artwork, supplied by the customer.
  • No imprints are accepted for orders of less than 1,000 Pocket Tables. 
  • Artwork should be submitted in the exact size you want it to appear.
  • File format: Files should be cropped to delete excess white space. Preferred file formats are .jpg and .tif. Other acceptable formats are: .bmp, .eps, and .pdf. Unacceptable formats are: .doc, .gif, .png, and Microsoft® Word documents.
  • Save art as black; grayscale or bitmap formats are acceptable. Unacceptable formats are CYMK, index color, lab color, RGB, or spot colors. 
  • Acceptable file resolution is 266-400 dpi for images and 800-1200 dpi for line art.
  • PDF files should be high resolution using either Press or High Quality image settings, and all fonts should be embedded in the file. 
  • Attach your artwork to the order form or email your artwork to pockettables@kaplan.com.