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Challenge CIMA® Certification

CIMA Exam Prep from Kaplan Financial Education

Investment and Wealth Institute's Challenge Option for CIMA® Certification

If you are a CFA® charterholder, you can take advantage of Investment and Wealth Institute's Challenge Option for CIMA® Certification. CFA charterholders who also hold a CIMA certification stand out in a crowded and competitive financial advising industry. 

►CIMA certificants are the elite investment consulting and wealth management advisors in the industry.

►CIMA certification is the only U.S. credential to have earned accreditation by American National Standards Insitute (ANSI). 

►CIMA certification is fully recognized internationally. 

►There are under 8,000 CIMA certificants worldwide. 

Join the elite and earn your CIMA certification with the Institute and Kaplan. As a CFA charterholder you need to: 

  • Apply for and be accepted into the certification program
  • Pass the Certification Exam
  • Document work experience and meet ethics requirements
    • 3 years of work experience, additional background check, sign license agreement, and pay certification fee

Challenge candidates can bypass the education program of the CIMA certification process, which saves candidates around $4,500-$6,800. 

Learn more about the Institute's CFA Challenge option here »

Prepare for the CIMA Certification Exam with Kaplan

The Institute recommends 150 hours of review for the CIMA Certification Exam...and CFA charterholders can accomplish this with the help of Kaplan's all-inclusive CIMA Exam Prep Package. This package contains all the materials a charterholder needs to brush up on the investment consulting industry, as well as case studies on how to apply that knowledge. 


  • Book 1: Sections I-III Governance, Fundamentals, and Portfolio Performance and Risk Measurements
  • Book 2: Sections IV-VI Traditional and Alternative Investments, Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance, and Investment Consulting Process
  • Book 3: Cases and Applications


  • Recall & Review
  • Analyze & Apply

Online Study Tools

  • Study Planner Checklist
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Performance Tracker
  • Certification Mock Exams
  • Core Lecture Videos
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