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PremiumPlus™ Package

Earn your CFP mark with Kaplan's PremiumPlus Package.

Our PremiumPlus™ Package includes everything you need to effectively prepare, practice, and perform on the CFP® exam. This package combines the time-tested Accelerated Financial Planning (AccFP) education program and our complete Premium Review. The PremiumPlus™ Package has all the elements you need to pass the CFP® exam…the first time!

Purchase the PremiumPlus™ Package for just $5,799! To order, call 866.963.8329. 

Your PremiumPlus™ Package includes:

The PremiumPlus™ Package includes our time-tested Accelerated Financial Planning Program.

Our expert faculty will guide you through the curriculum with a structured approach to help you prepare for the CFP® exam in our Live Online Class. All of the classes are archived, so you can review at your own pace. 

 Begin your classes in March, July, or November. Click here to view the class schedules. Live Online Classes are held at 7:30 pm ET.

Education Textbooks

  • Each Financial Planning Course comes with a corresponding Education Program Textbook. Prepare for the CFP® exam with these concise, clear, and comprehensive study notes and supplemental readings.
  • Choose a print textbook or eBook, or both for $40.

Understanding Your Financial Calulator Textbook

  • Designed to help the student gain proficiency in using and understanding a financial calculator. In addition to helping master the keystrokes for the financial calculator, it also can assist students with the underlying financial theory problems on the exam. Being familiar with these financial calculations is critical because mastering these problems is an important step to passing the exam. All calculations are presented step-by-step, showing keystrokes and displays for four of the most popular financial calculators: the HP-17bII/HP-17bII+, HP-12c, HP-10bII/ HP-10bII+, and TI-BAII PLUS.

Study Planner

  • This innovative tool takes the guesswork out of creating a prep plan! Prepare with a detailed study plan that shows you how to use your study materials in the most effective way possible.

Education QBank

  • After reading your Education Program Textbook, practice what you've learned with the Education QBank. Focus your attention where you need it the most and review critical concepts. The QBank allows you to:
    - Perform with custom-made exams and quizzes utilizing thousands of multiple-choice questions
    - View answer explanations for every question
    - Access your QBank online, with available offline access

Performance Tracker

  • Included with our QBanks, Performance Tracker allows you to track your progress and compare your exam results to other candidates. You can also use Performance Tracker to track your assessment exam and quiz scores.

Core Lecture Videos

  • Refer to these videos throughout your study program to review the core concepts of the CFP® exam curriculum.

Instructor Email Access
via InstructorLink

  • As you prepare for the exam, connect with a credentialed instructor to get your exam- and content-related questions answered.

Phone Support

  • Included in your package for Courses 101-106, this one-one-one support feature allows you to schedule up to three 15-minute phone calls with a CFP® certification subject matter experts to discuss any questions you may have. 

Review Class

  • Reviewing for the CFP® exam is the key to performing your best on exam day. After covering important concepts in each topic, instructors work through example problems to help reinforce your knowledge, practice your exam techniques, and improve exam-taking skill and speed. Choose from an Onsite, Live Online, or OnDemand Class. 

Class Guide

  • Regardless of your review class format, you’ll receive this helpful guide to keep you on task. Focusing on highly testable, more challenging topics, this guide helps you understand and apply the concepts tested on the exam. The binder format gives you one convenient place to store all of the notes you take while studying. 

Course Overview

  • Begin your course by viewing the Course Intro Video and reading through the overview documents to ensure you make the most of your study time.

10-Week Study Planner Checklist

  • Take the guesswork out of creating your study plan! Our proven, time-tested study planner guides you through CFP Board’s 72 principal knowledge topics and helps you get the most out of your study tools.

Pre-Study Assessment

  • How prepared are you for the CFP® exam? Use this 100-question assessment at the beginning of your study plan to gauge your overall readiness. You’ll receive instant scoring, including correct answers and supporting rationales. Use the Results & Next Steps PDF and Recall & Review QBank to build an updated study plan that focuses on your weak areas.


  • These innovative videos not only review highly testable exam topics, but also show the various approaches CFP Board may use to test them. Downloadable PDFs are also available for note-taking.

Mock Exam & Video

  • View the instructional video on how to approach the Mock Exam, and then simulate the 6-hour CFP® exam by completing the full online Mock Exam. Each session of the Mock Exam provides an assessment using multiple-choice questions, item sets, mini-cases, and a comprehensive case.

Review Books 1-7

  • These 7 comprehensive study books are the core of your review study plan. Each book contains complete reference outlines, application questions, relevant examples, and exhibits to help you achieve exam success. Choose print textbooks or eBooks through VitalSource®.

Analyze & Apply QBank

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Review Books 1-6, your QBank provides exam-like questions that not only test your knowledge of CFP® exam topics, but your ability to apply that knowledge to various scenarios. Challenge yourself by creating custom quizzes, and download them for on-the-go review.

Performance Tracker

  • Track your progress in the Analyze & Apply QBank and compare your results to other candidates.

Instructor Email Access
via InstructorLink

  • Connect with Kaplan’s experienced instructors and subject matter experts easily on your student Dashboard to get your exam- and content-related questions answered.


  • Access a library of several helpful OnDemand webinars, covering topics such as tried-and-true study tips, how to de-stress and stay calm on exam day, and interpreting your exam results.

High 5 Video Series: Exam Applications & Approaches

  • One of our students’ favorite review tools is the High 5 video series! Experienced instructors present these recorded webinar videos in an engaging format, emulating a review classroom setting. Specifically focused on ways to approach highly testable exam topics, these 7 videos will leave you feeling confident and ready to succeed on exam day.


  • We want you to pass the CFP® exam—and we stand behind our study packages! If you do not pass the CFP® exam after the purchase of a Live Review Study Solution, you will receive a free Live Review Study Solution to use within a one-year time frame (three exam cycles).
About our eBooks

Kaplan Financial has partnered with VitalSource® to offer eBook versions of select textbooks. eBook versions are available for Education Program and Review textbooks. Receive both print and eBook versions for an additional fee. For more information on VitalSource®, please visit our FAQ page.

*Full payment must be paid up front to order this package. This package is a combination of all 7 required education courses and our Premium Review.