Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education

Technical Competence + Behavioral Confidence

At Kaplan, we believe in a developmental balance of technical competence and behavioral confidence is necessary to drive your business forward.

Each and every program we design implements a unique blend of our expertise in technical training and know-how, complimented by behavioral specialists to draw in current research and practice. 

Our approach is emergent and scenario-based, designed to match your organization’s philosophy, style, and approach.

Whatever the preferred format or delivery method, we ensure the program is focused, practical, and fits the needs of your organization

Content delivery can be through a variety of customized training strategies. These can range from multi-modular programs to half-day workshops, as well as employee and program performance diagnostics and leadership audits. A blended design and delivery, key to program success, create a contextualized program to ensure participant engagement. Each program places participants in the unfamiliar and challenging to stimulate their cognitive, social, and environmental sense.



Kaplan Leadership & Professional Development programs provide:

  • An in-depth understanding of an organization’s culture and delivery of the required tools to successfully effect change
  • Advanced use of psychometric and other key assessment data
  • Proven capabilities to re-engage and realign an organization and its team members
  • First rate design and methodologies to enable the development of a learning curriculum delivered by experienced consultants

We really liked the balance and the structure of the program between the techinical, the bahavioral, and the constant feedback between each other. The base case study was great, and it also helped us to understand things beyond our regular day-to-day business. It's definitely a strategic imperative for us moving forward.         

Program Client