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Learning by doing

Today’s employees and leaders are exposed to tighter deadlines, constant change, and required to do more with less. They must make decisions quickly, under pressure, and without mistakes. Are your people prepared for these challenges?

The Kaplan Business Challenge (KBC) is a realistic simulation that mirrors the commercial pressures of a struggling business. Participants work in competition, acting as the senior management team, working through strategic and financial decisions. They are tasked with turning a business around and creating value for shareholders. The simulation creates a perfect learning environment for participants to create innovative solutions and achieve commercial success through a series of strategic and commercial decisions.

Participants will learn about costing, margin management, budgeting, and cash management, and will practice using these financial tools. Their individual behavior, style, and subsequent actions will impact other team members. It’s a realistic business challenge that uncovers what works, and what doesn’t—what creates value, and what destroys it.

To meet your specific organizational needs, the Kaplan Business Challenge can be fully customized. It can also be used as a stand-alone event, or as part of an on-boarding or manager training program. In addition, the simulation can be held at your premises, at a hotel or conference center, or at any of Kaplan’s worldwide locations.

Participants in the Kaplan Business Challenge will develop their commercial understanding, outlook, and behavior by learning to:

  • Read financial statements and key performance indicators
  • Explore team dynamics in a competitive business situation
  • Improve commercial confidence and financial dexterity
  • Demonstrate successful business decision-making
  • Think strategically and deal with commercial ambiguity
  • Navigate business risk and change
  • Communicate a coherent plan to stakeholders


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