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First Time Manager Programs

Achieving the status of manager is attained over time—it’s a journey of self-development, expanding skill sets, and mentoring a team. These high-quality employees set the tone, behavior, and confidence within an organization. Good decision-making is the strength of leadership, built on the foundation of both technical competence and behavioral confidence. 

Kaplan Leadership & Professional Development Programs ensure your first time managers have the knowledge, skills, and support they need to hit the ground running. Highlights include:

Needs Evaluation
Gain skills based on individual needs. Each tailored program is modular and can be completed on an accelerated track or paced to suit your timetable.

Business Skills
Learn and refine the business basics of strategy planning, analytics, sales and marketing, financial management, and other key areas that make a company and its employees successful.

Financial Literacy
Increase financial awareness using Kaplan’s proprietary diagnostic and assessment tools.

Leadership Growth
Expand their mindset from a personal identity of contributor, to a team leader with larger company influence.

Management Abilities
Ensure future success with personal advancement skills, such as time management, task direction, and execution, to build a solid foundation for direct reports.

Tailored Business Content
Reach all diverse aspects of business, from cultural and competitive, to detailed strategic and operational needs.

Cross-Functional Work
Reap the benefits of collaborating with other departments, leaders, and stakeholders.

One-to-One Support
Access knowledgeable Kaplan consultants and coaches who provide on-going support, insight, and direction.


Key Program Outcomes

  • Demonstration of enhanced personal impact and authority
  • Ability to hold meaningful coaching and performance conversations
  • Strong conflict-resolution skills
  • Effective management of personal and team priorities