Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education

Emerging Leader Programs

Every organization has a diamond in the rough. It’s the unique individual who goes the extra mile without being asked. One who asks more questions and demonstrates an exceptional ability to intuitively tap into the pulse of the company. You recognize a talented colleague with leadership potential who takes the initiative to seek out additional responsibilities. A team player you want to encourage, train, and mentor.

Ensure your emerging leaders have the resources they need to identify their high-potential talents, encourage their existing talents, and groom them for leadership roles. Kaplan programs provide:

Psychometric Feedback
Gain valuable perspective on how leaders can work faster and more efficiently, plus increase peer communication and expand leadership efforts.

Experiential Exercises and Activities
Learn through doing. It fosters a developmental process that’s active, constructive, and social – where participants work individually and collectively.

Rehearse new strategies, thinking, and processes in a contextual environment that allows trial and error in a simulated situation.

Case Study Understanding
Explore specific issues or challenges faced by other organizations to learn how they addressed them using best practices.

Project Work
Provide an overview of what has been practiced, learned, and achieved through specific assignments.

Leadership Development Plan
Create an individualized plan starting from current status and skill set, to a long-term plan for future leadership goals.

One-to-One Support
Access knowledgeable Kaplan consultants and coaches who provide on-going mentoring, insight, and direction.


Key Program Outcomes

  • Increased commercial acumen
  • Effective presentation of technical information to non-technical stakeholders
  • Utilization of tools and strategies to make effective decisions
  • Refinement of leadership identity to ensure alignment with organization’s goals