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Unlocking Innovation


We all know innovation is the key to commercial success. So, why isn’t your business innovative? Do your people lack the skills to innovate? Is it the working culture that stifles innovation? Or is it a lack of leadership and vision?

We've developed a 5-Step Approach that offers a flexible approach to developing the kind of work teams necessary to drive and embed a culture of innovation. The first step, Setting the Compass, includes assessing the innovation potential of your people to show how well-aligned management and your innovation strategy are and how likely they are to produce new revenue.

Our Innovation Diagnostic, designed to help identify and benchmark innovation potential, uses a unique algorithm that analyzes the data at the individual and organizational levels, allowing you to:

• Articulate and set a benchmark against the innovative culture you aspire to
• Reveal the “gap” between the individual’s current understanding and confidence and the desired culture
• Target and tailor the training and development required to close the training gap the assessment has revealed
• Identify practices that are likely to hinder or create innovative new products and services
• Reveal the hidden talent in your organization that lies untapped

Download the complete whitepaper to learn more about our 5-Step Approach to Unlocking Innovation.

Download the 5-Key Steps to Unlocking Innovation Whitepaper



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