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Creating Well-Rounded Professionals

Feedback is tough – whether it’s received or given – but it’s also fundamental for continuous improvement. In order for your people to do a better job, work smarter, and expand their professional development skills, they must gain awareness of their areas of strength and improvement needed.

Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development has designed a 360° assessment that provides an in-depth, personalized, and well-rounded framework that can be tailored to your organization and your people, helping to identify your employee's areas of developmental need.

What is the Kaplan 360?


We implement this through a 4 step process:

A designated employee fills out an online survey, which is tailored to specific business goals and budget parameters.
During the assessment process, employees select their evaluators.
All responses gathered are anonymous, except for their Manager’s response. They focus on soft as well as hard skills.
Report results are distributed on an individual or aggregated basis, and post-assessment recommendations are made to address the results.


The Kaplan 360° Assessment Enables Organizations to:


Sample Report

•  Gain a clear perspective on the impact of employee behaviors
•  Get a picture of individual’s and group’s capabilities and development needs
•  Support for a development plan that leverages strengths and addresses gaps
•  Metrics to measure the improvements before and after a leadership development program
•  Skills benchmark and comparison within a group,  department, and business
•  Involvement of relevant stakeholders around an individual’s learning journey