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Identify, Target, Optimize

The Kaplan Diagnostic approach includes the tools, reporting, and analytics necessary to identify the gaps and opportunities in your organization.

Start with a winning training strategy:  Identify to Target

No two businesses are exactly alike. Just like your employees, they have a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. Within today’s competitive landscape, training initiatives are vital to your competitive positioning, speed to productivity, retention, and training ROI. 

As your partner, Kaplan Professional focuses on the learner as well as the impact of learning on business objectives. We don’t just deliver a generic program or technology, we tailor our diagnostic framework in order to help you identify, shape, and best implement training and development solutions that impact your bottom line.

The Kaplan Diagnostic Approach

An evaluation analysis is performed to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique business needs and priorities.

Diagnostic is tailored to the identified needs to efficiently detect both the behavioral and the technical competencies as well as skill gaps within your population.

Learning interventions are designed by Kaplan or your internal teams, tailored to the identified development needs.Customized assessment tools, follow-up coaching debriefs, performance tracking, and other digital capabilities are used to track results aim to meet your ROI objectives.

Optimize Training ROI Results: Target to Optimize

Clear identification of areas of strength and weakness provide the roadmap to teach new skills, hone existing talents, and close skill gaps.

An evaluation analysis is implemented to efficiently identify learning and skill gaps within your population. We assess both the behavioral and the technical competencies of your people in reference to their team, your organization, and the broader environment to connect them to the situation in which they need to perform.

Our extensive reporting and analytics enable our partners to use real, meaningful data to best target training dollars to impact both individual and thus business performance.

Reporting and Analytics include:
  • Progress Reports
  • Management Overview  Report
  • Group Risk Summary
  • Personal Risk Summary
  • Team Topic Risk Summary
  • Topics Analysis Reports
  • Team Response Risk Summary
  • Average Understanding Score
  • Average Confidence Score


Align Employee Development with Business Imperatives: Optimize to Win

By analyzing the in-depth diagnostics results, we help our clients strategically map training and development initiatives to address their key business imperatives.

In-depth reporting options are available at the at individual, team, or business levels and include heat maps, group reports, individual reports, and regional reports that reflect:

•  Data-driven insights into performance gaps to prioritize and target skill development where it’s needed most.
•  Clear identification of individuals and groups who require training and the necessary type of training.
•  Personalized development feedback to improve productivity.
•  Detailed measurements of both pre- and post-training effectiveness.

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