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Tailored to your Unique Needs

Tailored to your Unique Needs

The Kaplan Diagnostic approach includes the tools, reporting, and analytics necessary to identify the gaps and opportunities in your organization.

From self-assessment tests to competence- and confidence-based learning questionnaires, Kaplan Diagnostics provide strategic insight to help your organization target training needs. With real-time insights on risk areas, hidden talent, and learning trends, Kaplan Diagnostics will enable you to efficiently identify the champions of your organization, as well as barriers to its success.

Clear identification of areas of strength and weakness provide the roadmap to teach new skills, hone existing talents, and close skill gaps. Whether you want to pinpoint risk, appraise capabilities, or evaluate a program, Kaplan Diagnostics provide a comprehensive training needs analysis to optimize L&D spend, empowering you to focus and prioritize people development.

Pre-Program Assessment Post-Program ROI Measurement

The most vital component to ensuring any development program’s success is accurately identifying and assessing challenge areas. An evaluation analysis is implemented to efficiently identify learning and skill gaps within your population. We assess both the behavioral and the technical competencies of your people in reference to their team, your organization, and the broader environment to connect them to the situation in which they need to perform.


Measurable results after the implementation of your customized programs are critical. They are captured, analyzed, and shared in a variety of ways that deliver hard data—not mere assumptions. Customized assessment tools, follow-up coaching debriefs, performance trackers, and other digital capabilities track against these metrics and aim to meet your ROI objectives.


Kaplan Diagnostics are specifically tailored to the unique needs of your business, resulting in targeted and measurable learning objectives that drive results. They provide clear benchmarks that can be compared at individual, team, or business levels. In-depth reporting capabilities include heat maps, group reports, individual reports, and regional reports to provide you with a comprehensive view of developmental areas of concern.


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Other use cases for Kaplan Diagnostics include Wealth Management, Fiduciary Standard of Care, and pre-hire screening.


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