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Benefits of Behavioral Financial Advice

Behavioral Financial Advice from Kaplan and think2perform

Increase Your Value as an Advisor

Valued advisors motivate their clients to act in a manner consistent with the goals identified in the financial plan. Behavioral financial advice training differentiates you from other advisors in the marketplace, as you will be able to guide your clients to keep their emotions out of their decision-making process.

Did you know that 92% of financial advisors say that referrals from current clients are their best source of business?* Valued advisors are the kind of advisors that clients refer to their colleagues, friends, and family.

“An excellent way to uniquely separate yourself from the sea of advisors while, most importantly, adding value to the client relationship.” - S. Finkelstein

“I want to be different than the advisors down the street. I want to provide real value. I believe the principles of BFA help me do this and am excited about incorporating this into my life and practice.” - E. Johnson

"This course not only helped me better understand my own reactions...but it also shed light on why clients may react in certain ways. Completion of this course has not only helped me personally, but it better positions me as a trusted advisor because I can now help clients understand why they may feel a certain way in the wake of a financial decision." -C. Durden

"This course will give you the necessary tools to effectively communicate to clients based on the Alignment Model, the certainty of uncertainty, and the SMART money philosophy. Clients are looking for this exact advice, and I'm glad I found a course that provided exactly what I needed." - B. Fruit

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*Financial Services Marketing Benchmarks Report, 2017.