Behavioral Financial Advice Affiliations

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Kaplan has joined forces with think2perform to offer the Behavioral Financial Advice program using the latest in learning technology. The program trains, develops, and improves the moral and emotional competencies necessary to help you, as well as your clients, make better decisions throughout the financial planning process. Behavioral Financial Advice does not replace financial planning—it simply increases the effective usage of the financial plan by improving decision-making behavior. 

How Kaplan and think2perform Will Benefit You

With the Behavioral Financial Advice program, we will provide you with the very best training and support throughout your education:

  • think2perform has trained thousands of advisors on the concepts of behavioral advice across the globe.
  • Over 500,000 students successfully complete Kaplan’s education programs each year.
  • The program is designed around the working student, with multiple study tools to make the educational experience one that is customizable and captivating.
  • You will have ongoing support throughout your education from instructors, academic advisors, and a technical support team.