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Behavioral Financial Advice

Behavioral Financial Advice

Beyond the Basics of Financial Planning

The Behavioral Financial Advice program developed by Kaplan and think2perform® is designed to train, develop, and improve the moral and emotional competencies necessary to help you, as well as your clients, make better decisions throughout the financial planning process.

Graduates of the Behavioral Financial Advice program will be eligible to sit for the BFA certification exam. Upon passing the exam, students will become a Behavioral Financial Advisor™ and can use the designation.

Why should I take Behavioral Financial Advice?

In light of the new DOL Fiduciary Standard Rule, the BFA program makes solid business sense. This valuable training supports advisor compliance and helps drive business results. While products and investments are important, effective behavioral use of products is even more important. Ensure you’re equipped to best handle the new ruling by holding an advanced designation like the BFA. Show your clients you’re compliant and looking out for their best interests.

The role of financial advisors is changing from planning and transactions to behavioral coach. A valued advisor motivates clients to act in a manner consistent with the goals defined in their financial plan. By providing accountability and aiding clients in emotion management, you can set the stage for financial success and security.

As business models shift from product compensation to advice compensation, financial advisors trained in behavioral finance possess a compelling value proposition. Skills learned in a behavioral financial advice program will assist you in transitioning to advice-based fees by offering a holistic approach that effectively influences investor behavior and strengthens your advisor-client relationship.

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