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Behavioral Financial Advice

Behavioral Financial Advice

Beyond the Basics of Financial Planning

The Behavioral Financial Advice program developed by Kaplan and think2perform® is designed to train, develop, and improve the moral and emotional competencies necessary to help you, as well as your clients, make better decisions throughout the financial planning process. Behavioral financial advice does not replace financial planning—it simply increases the effective usage of the financial plan by improving decision-making behavior. We will deliver the necessary education and training to you, so you can deliver outstanding service to your clients.

Graduates of the Behavioral Financial Advice program will be eligible to sit for the BFA certification exam. Upon passing the exam, students will become a Behavioral Financial Advisor™ and can use the designation.

Please use our website to learn more about the Behavioral Financial Advice program developed by Kaplan and think2perform, or call one of our Admissions Advisors at 800.717.3650 with questions.

Kaplan and think2perform's Behavioral Financial Advice program incorporates the latest in innovative course design and delivery. It is designed around you, the student.

Your courses will include:

  • Online courses and workbook
  • Financial Intelligence book
  • Content-rich OnDemand videos
  • A subscription to the think2perform website
  • An EQ-i assessment
  • Values cards
  • Behavioral competency self-assessment
  • Message boards to share your experiences and read the experiences of other students

Behavioral Financial Advice is becoming increasingly important in the financial services industry. While most financial planners understand the core concepts and theories behind their financial advice, these theories are all based on the premise that investors and consumers make rational decisions without bias.

On the contrary, research shows that people frequently behave irrationally and make financial and non-financial decisions when stimulated by extreme emotion. Behavioral Financial Advice will help you manage that emotion and work toward making better financial decisions for yourself, your clients, and your organization.

Here is an at-a-glance of the program, the time involved, the study tools, student support you receive, the cost, and your enrollment options.

Kaplan and think2perform have partnered to present these innovative courses: Behavioral Financial Advice and You and Behavioral Financial Advice and Your Clients

  • Each course is designed to be completed in approximately 60 days
  • Plan on 3 to 4 hours per week for your coursework
  • The courses are online and self-paced so you can study anytime, anywhere
  • Stay engaged and motivated by using multiple study tools
  • You will have ongoing support throughout your education from academic advisors and technical support advisors

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